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Our regular followers will know we share a nice and unique local’s tip on our social media channels every day. Tips and local recommendations that are special in their very own way, places you might not find in other cities. We’ve covered quite a few by now, so how about touching on some of the best insider knowledge that we have?

Spots – Bratislava

Spots is an amazing concept in Bratislava where art is presented at unique and extraordinary places. This series reveals many hidden and hard to access places for the public like the decayed pool in the woods, an abandoned hospital in the centre, a war bunker / shelter or an unfinished subway depot. Bratislava local Martin writes that some of these locations are even new to the locals! So, keep an eye on his article for the next location and you’ll also be introduced to a new, off-the-beaten-path locale in Bratislava!


Spots Bratislava (by Matej Hakar)

Costume and Lace Museum – Brussels

The costume and lace museum in Brussels is a fun excursion for the day. Established in 1977 it contains a rich and versatile collection of costumes, lace, embroidery and accessories, dating back ages. The collection exhibitions are rotated because the materials require special environmental elements in order to preserve correctly. “The preservation of textiles is subject to strict standards, in particular as regards lighting and the length of time articles can be displayed.” so it reads on the museum’s website.

Costume and lace museum (by Renata Riva)

Costume and lace museum (by Renata Riva)

With the help of informative pamphlets you’re taken on a journey through the history of the dresses and costumes on display. And the current exhibition is quite a hoot! You can try on bridal gowns and learn something about today’s wedding superstitions, sorry I meant, traditions. Our Spotter Renata has tested the dresses for you of course!

Arctic Stone – Dublin

Traditional Thai street food has landed in Dublin now too! Okay, that sounds like a given. Dublin has had Thai street food for ages! But this is not your run-of-the-mill street food we’re talking about. This has only been around for 5 odd years in Bangkok. Introducing Ireland’s first and finest hand-rolled ice-cream, also known as flash frozen ice-cream!

Arctic Stone Dublin

Find their stand at People’s Park, Dun Laoighre. If you’re not yet on board, let local Lucie’s words convince you, “You begin by picking your flavour – I chose salted-caramel – and your friendly server dollops caramel and grinds salt onto something closely resembling a hot-plate you’d see at a crepe stall. In this case it’s a very cold plate, however, at -30 degrees. Liquid ice-cream is then poured on top, and your flavour choice is vigorously chopped and infused into it, a spectacle that’s half the appeal of the whole experience. Once the ice-cream freezes it’s spread into a thin layer, and scraped into ‘rolls.” Served with your choice of toppings!

Mütter Museum – Philadelphia

“The Mütter Museum has an extensive archive of past and permanent exhibitions.” They invite you to explore their world and become Disturbingly Informed.

Mutter Museum Philadelphia (by Terry Robinson)

Quite an opener. But that’s really what everything inside this museum is, an eye-opener even (no pun intended). Frankly speaking, for some it might even be too much information. Discover the mechanics behind a human’s eye, observe skulls from way too close, and even worse, take a look at slides of Albert Einstein’s actual brain. Isn’t it just awesome?

So, it might not be for everyone but we still think the unique collection of specimens, instruments, the human history of anatomy and medicine at Mutter museum is worth a visit, truly!

The Addisons Residence – Toronto

You’re invited to party with the Addisons in Toronto and according to local Cameron, these folks throw the best parties in town. Their house is tastefully decorated, with great art on the walls, comfortable sofas and a cozy kitchen. Grab a drink and play a board game or dance to the tunes of their in-house DJ. Best part is, the family is never actually present to tell you off for spilling a drink on the floor.


The Addisons Residence by Addisons FB page

Confused? It’s not actually someone’s house, it’s not an illegal house party thrown by the eldest kid when the parents aren’t in town. What it is is a great spot for a night out, in a space that’s designed to look like a plush Los Angeles house.

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