5 Cities – 5 Locals – 5 Unique tips (9)

Every day on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus we share some of the latest spots our locals in 67 cities have “spotted”. In case you missed them, here’s our new pick of 5 fresh tips for unique and interesting spots we’d like to tell you about:

A huge classic cinema in Lisbon

Cinema Sao Jorge in Lisbon is one of the few classic cinema theatres still standing in Lisbon these days; “even if it wasn’t one of my favourite cultural spots in the city – which it is – it would still be worth telling you about it”, writes Lisbon Spotter Susana.

Cinema Sao Jorge was the largest auditorium in the country when it was first built in 1950, boasting over 1800 seats. It remains an impressive venue today, although the main room has since then been divided into three smaller sections.

See “bandy” at Zorky Stadium in Moscow

Zorky Stadium Moscow (by Vladimir Pavlov)

The Zorky Stadium in Moscow is one of the best places in Russia to check out the very Russian Sport bandy. “It’s actually a mix of football and traditional ice hockey”, explains our Spotter Ilya. 20 years ago Zorky – the only team in the Moscow region – had one of the best bandy teams in the country. Because of budget cuts they’re now playing in the second league, but that makes the tickets cheaper and the experience much more local!

A good tip by Ilya: “When you go to the stadium to see bandy, you must remember that for the whole game, which lasts as long as a football match, you will have to stand, as it is not possible to sit because of the cold. Get dressed properly, take a large thermos of tea and get ready for the most Russian game of your life.”

Prize winning street art in Rotterdam

Rotte-Dam Rotterdam (by Anne-Marie Ros)

A commissioned piece of street art – can that be cool? Yes! Rotte-Dam, a prize winning piece of art based on the roots of Rotterdam (the river Rotte), is very cool.

It’s a 26-meters-long and 2,5-meters-high corten steel wall, with the letters ROTTE-DAM cut out in root-shaped letters. During the day you won’t see anything but a steel wall, but at night when the LED lights are turned on it just gives this ordinary place a magical atmosphere.

A flea market 2.0 in Rome

Mercato Monti Rome (by Giulia Riva)

The Mercato Monti in Rome is “the place to mingle with the long-bearded, tattoo covered fauna of Rome’s hipsterland” says our Spotter Giulia. It isn’t the average flea market crowded with junk, but more of an incubator for style innovation, a mix of ateliers of up-and-coming designers selling everything under the evergreen flagship of “Made in Italy”, from bags to lamps.

Hidden crêpes & bike repair shop in Budapest

Bajnok Pali Budapest (by Balkonyi László)

We’ve heard of many unique mixes of spots during 9 years of Spotted by Locals, but a crêpe shop combined with a bike repair is new even for us! Check out Bajnok Pali in Budapest. What makes it extra nice is the honesty box principle: they trust you will pay by leaving money in a box.

If you’re going to search for it in Budapest, take our app and zoom in really well. As our Spotter Mihaly says “actually the biggest challenge was finding the place – even standing in front of it, we couldn’t recognise it: they do not have any kind of sign or menu, plus it is underground, so extra hidden.”

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