5 Cities – 5 Locals – 5 Unique Tips (1)

Slobodna Zona – by Samra Ribić

Our regular followers will know we share a nice and unique local’s tip on our social media channels every day. Tips and local recommendations that are special in their very own way. We’ve covered quite a few by now, so how about touching on some of the best insider knowledge that we have?

Slobodna Zona – Sarajevo

Pictured above is Slobodna Zona, which literally means ‘free area’. It’s a very personal tip for Sarajevo local Samra Ribić as she was part of the crew who cleaned out this former landfill. It’s coming together quite nicely as you can see, it’s colorful, relaxing, a community project and a true insider tip in every way. And that’s not all there is, they’re currently in the process of building a stage, bar and small community garden and planning to host several community events with the nearby primary school for example. If you visit, you can just relax, or roll up your sleeves as well and help out a little!

Custom House Observation Deck – Boston

Custom House Observation Deck - by Lloyd Mallison

Custom House Observation Deck – by Lloyd Mallison

If you’re looking to see Boston from up above, the first place to come to mind would probably be the Prudential Center’s Skywalk. Lia Brouillard knows of another great place though, the Custom House Observation Deck, a semi-secret alternative. What many visitors don’t know is that the Custom House Tower, the 17th-tallest building in the city, offers a 360º observation deck atop its 26th floor. Sure, it’s not as tall as the 50 floors of the Prudential Center, but it still offers a great view of the historic North End for only $ 4 instead of the Skywalk’s $ 17.

Mosaic Courtyard – Saint Petersburg

Mosaic Courtyard - by Dmitriy Ivanov

Mosaic Courtyard – by Dmitriy Ivanov

Saint Petersburg local Dmitry writes, “St Petersburg’s most unassuming courtyards sometimes hide treasures, at least sights so surprising that the mere shock makes them attractive.” This Mosaic courtyard is definitely one of them, though not because of a shock factor. Located close to the Summer Garden, hidden behind unassuming buildings, lies this treasure of unique art. Artist Vladimir Lubenko had been decorating this courtyard since 1984, before it became part of the Junior Academy of Arts. The fun here is never-ending as the pieces are constantly repaired and upgraded.

Sompasauna – Helsinki

Sompasauna - by Joha

Sompasauna – by Joha

You think Norden/Nordic Countries, then you probably think sauna. And that’s correct. There’s no shortage there. But, how often do you come across something like this insider gem?: Sompasauna in Helsinki. This one is by far the most public and local one and it’s entirely run by volunteers. ‘Not so special’, you might be thinking. But wait, local Antti Heimo finds it necessary to remind you to use this sauna at your own risk…Intrigued yet? This sauna requires no admittance fee, has no showers or changing rooms, and good luck finding staff or buying a refreshing drink here…heck, you might even have to chop your own firewood (though they do provide you with a saw and plenty of wood). Its location might be off-putting to some, but this place really is as unique, relaxing and local as it gets!

Elektropolis – Berlin

Industriesalon - by Sarah Curth

Industriesalon – by Sarah Curth

According to Berlin local Sarah the Schöneweide is known as an unimpressive neighborhood in East-Berlin, but she reckons this isn’t a fair judgement. It hides a great gem that just breathes ‘Berlin’ and most tourists, and plenty of locals even, don’t know it’s there. Elektropolis, the biggest historic industrial ground in Europe! You’ll be in awe at the large buildings, architecture, machinery, Industriesalon museum, graffiti and fun events you can find here. Don’t forget to walk to the Kaisersteg pedestrian bridge for a lovely view over the entire site.

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