A Variety of City Tattoos

What other tribute could be better than imprinting what you love and like on your body? A tattoo could be the ultimate souvenir from your favorite city trip, or a way to make your city a permanent part of you. In this article we’ve selected some of the best, and also a few that deserve further questioning, tattoos that have been painted on many skins!

New York is always at heart. A simple, yet very recognizable New York skyline, complete with a heart to represent the famous I ❤️ New York tag line.

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Now this one is quite detailed. Definitely a beautiful portrayal of Stockholm though. But could everyone place this skyline before we told you it was Stockholm? Perhaps a true insider’s tat, which only true locals would recognize!

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Milan; a cheeky combination of one of the world’s most touristy souvenirs, the snow globe, with one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Maybe not the most ‘local’ type of tattoo, but nonetheless a very colorful and bright tribute to Milan.

vancouver continued. thanks emily!!

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Wonder how many hours it took to capture Vancouver‘s beauty here. Isn’t the shoulder, namely the collarbone, a painful place to get a tattoo? What dedication! And what detail, it captures most of the city’s characteristics don’t you think? Or do you think there’s something missing, something that’s Vancouver down to a T?

It’s a cute rendition of San Francisco, truly. But I honestly didn’t recognize it at first (thank you Transamerica Pyramid!)

A very creative design for Amsterdam, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the famous canal houses captured in this way. I wonder in what place on the body it was drawn in the end. Where would you put this cutie?


Image by Hostelbookers

The love for Seattle is strong in these people. Not sure if the city thanks them for it, though.

Image by fyeahtattoos.com

Image by fyeahtattoos.com

A nice setting of London on the feet. Tattoo done by Tom DANGERZONE Tattoo. I guess this one is more appropriate for people wanting a tattoo just for themselves, not for the sake of others. All I could think was, the only time this is ever visible is when you’re barefoot on the beach (which doesn’t happen often in London). To each their own of course, but placement is just as important as the capabilities of the artist (the latter in this case is spot on!).

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Much wow, such detail. The skyline of Seattle is astonishing on this person’s arm.


New York’s famous skyline again! Which do you prefer (gals only of course), the first or this one? It’s unique… I’ll give her that. Good thing she can pull her sleeve down if need be.

Sure, the shading in this Chicago design is definitely a go, not sure about the rendition of the Cubs’ logo on the other hand.

A gorgeous illuminated Montreal. Isn’t the wrist also a tender spot for tattoo needles?


Image by Hostelbookers

Now we talked about making your way around a city in a fun way, with these squeezable city maps and we shared how some artists have made real artwork with maps, but this one really takes the cake… Why? Just why? Say goodbye to bikinis and never mind when the city decides to add another subway line 😕!

Oh, and if you’re thinking of getting inked yourself, our locals have you covered! Check out Affleck’s Place in Manchester, Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh and The Legends in Frankfurt. You could also be lucky and catch one of the tattoo sessions at URBN Supply Co in Bucharest.

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