Our new Android & iOS apps (+ 50% discount!)

Our new app for Android & iPhone is now available (download). There are many small “under the hood” changes, and 2 big ones:

  • We now have 1 Android app, instead of 66 separate apps per city (read on to learn more about upgrading)
  • New map software – especially for Android. Our maps are much faster now

To celebrate the launch all our city guides are 50% off this week – just US$/€ 1.99 each. Planning a city trip in the near future, or looking for the newest local hotspots in your city? Get it now!

Using our current Android app? Earn $/€ 2.00 now!

Are you using our current single city Android apps? We would like to reward you for your loyalty.

If you upgrade this week you pay $/€ 1.99 and we refund your original purchase price ($/€ 3.99 *) for every city guide you upgrade. So you actually earn $/€ 2.00 for every city guide you upgrade!

Just upgrade your existing single city app, follow the instructions when opening them and start earning money :)

Have any questions about upgrading? We’d love to help. Please contact us!

Please review and rate our app!

We can’t beat our big competitors’ advertising budget, but we can beat them in the app store this week if we can get lots of good reviews & ratings.

Enjoyed our locals’ tips on a trip? Please take 30 seconds now to review & rate our app (direct link Android & iOS). Also if you’ve already reviewed a previous version please!

Have ideas to make our apps better and more user friendly? Please contact us!

*) There are some exceptions for some countries, and it could be you’ve paid less for your purchase during another campaign we did. You can check your previous purchases in wallet.google.com

Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)