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About me
Originally from Bacau, Romania, I’ve been travelling for study, work and pleasure since 2008 when I finished my high school, seldom returning home apart from short trips and some holidays. I am currently a Tourism Masters student at Aalborg University Copenhagen. Before this I studied Tourism Management at Canterbury Christ Church University and at the University of Malta (1 year Erasmus programme). In between my studies I lived in London for just over three years working as an administrator and local marketing representative at a large outdoor retailing company. Due to my travel and study background I was now lucky to get an internship at Spotted by Locals as a social media manager which I am doing as a part of my masters programme until the end of 2015.

I happen to be a passionate outdoor enthusiast and have been so ever since an early age. During the years, I’ve accumulated a reasonable amount of outdoor experience whilst practicing my favourite activities (trekking, climbing and mountaineering) in various mountain ranges (mostly in or around Europe). I prefer visiting places and attractions that are off the beaten track and my love for climbing has taken me to many locations that can be considered to be inaccessible for the general public.

However big my love for the outdoors is, I still enjoy being a big city dweller. Travelling, listening to good music, photography, swimming, hanging out in bars and cafes and cycling are some of my main interests. I really like exploring the ‘hidden’ side of the places I go to or live in and getting a feel for the local culture and people rather than embarking straight away on the ‘touristy’ trail of ‘must-see’ attractions and monuments. Making use of friends, online forums/blogs as well as resources such as Spotted by Locals, I do my best to avoid the so called ‘tourist traps’ and quest for a more meaningful and memorable experience wherever I go.

Why do you love your city?
I fell in love with Copenhagen when I first visited a few years ago because of the marvellous architecture, friendly nature of the locals, the relaxed lifestyle options, amazing cycling culture, great nightlife and loads of exciting events and music venues. It just is a great city to live in and so I decided then that I would move here at some point. I’ve been here for one year and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed.

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