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About me
Whenever I mention to someone that I am studying ‘Tourism Management’ they almost always reply with, “wow, you probably get to travel a lot”, and yes, I do. I started studying this bachelor in Amsterdam after a one year trip to the USA, mainly New York. During my studies, I lived for half a year in Italy and half a year in Bonn, Germany. The many city trips during my studies do also add up to quite a remarkable number. Traveling and coming into contact with different cultures has been my passion for a very long time and through my studies I can actually live this passion and meet many different and interesting people all over the world.

My local travel thesis for Spotted by Locals
Due to the interest in other cultures, I specialized in cultural tourism and took part in some intercultural projects in Amsterdam as well as Morocco and Nepal. Out of this interest and curiosity in the relationship between travelers and locals, I decided to do research about this topic for my bachelor thesis. I found the Spotted by Locals website with interesting information offered by locals and ended up doing research about local travel for Spotted by Locals.

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