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Catriona Lygate (1993)

About me
I’m originally from Glasgow but I came to Edinburgh to study architecture and what an amazing city to do it in! When I’m not designing new buildings I am admiring the old ones. I’m passionate about art, architecture, music, food and people. I love simple things like people-watching or reading a book in the park on a sunny day, but I also enjoy staying out till the early hours dancing and socialising with friends over some drinks. I still love exploring Edinburgh and have not by any means seen and experienced all the city has to offer and I can’t wait to do more!

Why Edinburgh
I love Edinburgh because it is a city so steeped in history you can see it everywhere you go, whether you are walking over North Bridge and seeing the layers of the underground city meeting the train tracks and the old walled city above, or standing on top of Carlton Hill admiring the view of the water and the stunning vistas of Princess Street.

Edinburgh is a city with a pulse and it can be incredibly busy and vivacious during the Edinburgh Festival, or it can be slow and sleepy. I love that you can walk everywhere (if you don’t mind hills!) and you can be at the sea and the mountains in a matter of an hour. It’s a stunningly well preserved gem within a geological wonder of volcanoes and mountains and I’m lucky to be part of it.

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