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Christine Syrad (1987)

About me
I came to Zurich by chance in 2009, purely due to needing a job, if I’m honest. I knew nothing about the place and had the intention of staying a year, tops.

Then the inevitable happened. I fell in love.

As a climber, skier, runner and generally curious person, I can’t think of a better place to base myself. The city is the perfect size for uncovering every nook and cranny by bike and the great outdoors awaits you when you want to leave all humanity behind. I can say with conviction that I’m not here out of complacency, I am here out of my own volition and hope to stay as long as the Swiss will have me. Right now I’m hoping to start my own business revolving around Japanese health food – I feel it’s my turn to give back to the city that has given me so much since my arrival.

Why Zurich?
I’m quite petite and I’ve noticed I like my cities to match my stature. I like to feel like I live in a city but, at the same time, like I’m cocooned by a sense of community.

Zurich is no heaving metropolis and could never rival London or New York in buzz factor, but what if, despite being a self-professed city dweller, you prefer to cycle everywhere, you value fresh air, you tend to shy away from overstimulation but crave the presence of intriguing people that you feel only a city can offer? You move to somewhere like Zurich.

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