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Australian-native, now Amsterdam-based Entrepreneur with travel in my blood and years of party experience.

I did my first big trip to Europe, with Mum and Dad, when I was 2. My next when I was 14, on a three month family ’round the world trip, reminiscent of the Griswalds in European Vacation.

I studied Cartography (making maps) in Melbourne and after graduating I got my dream job at Lonely Planet. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work straight out of uni, it was all about the people and the vibe of ‘LP’. Everyone loved to travel obviously, but they were all really open-minded, friendly and fun (and like me, didn’t mind a party) too.

After a few years of working at Lonely Planet you get the bug for wanting to travel to all these amazing destinations you read about every day. So in 2005, after 4 great years at LP, I was lucky enough to be granted a years leave to travel. I embarked on a solo ’round the world trip, which turned out to be one of the best years of my life. From Australia to SE Asia to Europe to North America to Central America and home, I met lots of great people and did more than my fair share of sampling the nightlife as I went. I very quickly got sick of hostels, crappy tourist bars and only hanging out with other travellers. I always tried to find the bars and clubs where locals hung out and found it was the locals themselves who could tell you and take you.

I met a Dutch girl in Central America towards the end of my trip, and despite going back to Melbourne and Lonely Planet, I soon decided I wanted to be with her and continue my travel adventure, so I moved to Amsterdam where I have been for the last 5 years (amongst many weekend party trips within Europe).

I run my own Online Marketing company in Amsterdam and my love of travelling, meeting new people and partying recently led me to start Party with a Local, a free app that connects travellers and locals that want to party. It has a growing community of locals and travellers around the world. I can also write for the Party with a Local Blog, about travel, meeting people, partying and the App.

Nightlife culture
For the Spotted by Locals Blog I will look at travel and nightlife from many angles in many different cities with an emphasis on fun.

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