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Ivan Marra (1989)

About me
I’ve lived in Rome since 2009 and I immediately fell in love with the Eternal City. I’m a tourism student because I believe that it’s the best ways to improve economy.

Apart from tourism I love punk rock music and every kind of food. And yes even if I’m vegetarian there’s still a huge choice of food, especially in Italy with the amazing quality vegetables we have, and no I’m not one of those angry vegetarians complaining if you eat meat in front of me, I just don’t care. I love long walks, art and architecture and I’m always ready to capture all of these things with my cameraphone.

Why Rome?
“For someone who has never seen Rome, it is hard to believe how beautiful life can be” – Unsourced Author

Why do I love the Eternal City? How can you not love it! I love the city for its history, beauty, parks, people, the view of Saint Peter from the Tiber, Trevi Fountain at 04:00….amazing and cheap espresso, delicious food at almost every corner…and the list goes on and on. I’m seriously in love with the city! Anyway the thing I like the most is that no matter how many times you have walked through the same old street, every single time you will catch a detail or something you didn’t the previous time.

Like in any love relationship there are a few downs, in fact I have to admit that Rome is not so well organized, for example public transport could easily turn into a nightmare or sometimes the city can be very expensive (and that’s why you’d better follow our local tips!).

I took part in a video with the KLM iFly Magazine where I take you to some little secret places (also shared here on Spotted by Locals of course!) of Rome! iFly Little Secrets of Rome

Where can you find me online?

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