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Jet Veenhoff

I am Dutch, born and raised in Holland. However I’ve always had an interest in travel and getting to know local culture. As a child my parents took me all over the world, I enjoyed this so much but only when I got older I realised what a privilege this had been. Seeing and experiencing different cultures at such a young age helped shaped to be the person that I am today.

All this travel helped me understand that we’re all in this together, even though that sounds incredibly cheesy, I can’t help it! To me trying to see from each other’s perspective and understanding each other is a great way to build friendships, even with people that are completely different from you! My hunger for the international has led me to do an international arts and culture study in Rotterdam, where all my friends are from all over the world, which is truly amazing.

So when I read about Spotted by Locals I instantly wanted to be part of it. It can be so hard to find great local spots when travelling, and when travelling I want to give back to the locals, not big corporations who own the main tourist attractions. Therefore I am very happy I get to contribute!

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