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Laura Wabeke (1987)

“I work hard so I can see the world.” That’s something my Dad has said and it makes a lot of sense to me. I come from a line of expats (and plan to become one myself) so traveling is definitely in my blood.

Born in the Netherlands, Oman became my home when I was 18 months old. At 5 years old there was a brief interlude back in the Netherlands before we moved all the way across the world to Australia.

After finishing High School and my Bachelors in Communication I lived in Granada for 4 months to learn Spanish. I then backpacked through Australia for another 6 months. After following my Facebook & email garbles about traveling, Bart and Sanne thought I was the right person for editing Spotted by Locals’ articles while finishing my studies and that was over 3 years ago. I wear many hats though, besides Editor you may call me Social Media Manager, Copywriter, lackey, right hand (wo)man and freelancer.

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