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Lloyd Mallison (1994)

About me
A Brit transplanted in a fiercely American city, I’ve been fortunate enough to see far more of the world than most my age. Despite my love/hate relationship with the USA, I take no greater pleasure than sharing my experiences and telling the infinite stories this world has to offer.

Why Boston?
One of my favourite things about cities is the layers of history they’re made up of. For me, there is no better place to see the layers of American History than Boston. I take so much pleasure and energy from being surrounded by both the most stunning centuries old architecture, but also the most cutting edge of modernity: world class healthcare, technology, and food.

Boston has everything you could need today, encased in a beautiful, robust, old environment filled with hundreds of years worth of activity to discover. I think it’s utterly enchanting.

Where can you find me online?
I write for Boston Magazine and about sports

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