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About me
You will find tips among my articles on places off the beaten track or on art spaces, but also glimpses into the every day of a city, which never sleeps. Looking at my Berlin with new eyes is what I love doing, as Horowitz describes this in her book on walking. I am a city researcher, who has traveled Berlin from one end to another, looking into all its pockets. And if you want to space out in the midst of it all, go to the former Tempelhof airport, now opened as a park – a massive area, as big as 500 football fields together, right in the middle of the city, surrounded by sky.

Why Berlin?
Berlin remains an unfolding muse for me until today. Its districts might trick you into believing, when riding down on the U8 line of the metro spider web, that you are all of a sudden in a different city. If you can, make sure you travel throughout the city to discover this diversity: from Marzahn to Spandau or from Pankow to Köpenick, you can find spots in these districts among our tips too.

Where can you find me online?

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