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The pleasures of solo travel
I have always enjoyed exploring new cities alone. Since settling in London seventeen years ago many of my favourite trips around Europe have been solo ones. There’s a time to enjoy traveling with your partner or friends, but there is also a time when many of us need the freedom of solitary wandering.

Uprooting yourself from your familiar environment frees you from duties and responsibilities; you have no choice but to slow down and enjoy yourself. With no itinerary other than your own idle whims you’re free to explore the urban landscape, discover little-known gems, languish in long lunches and unhurried drinking. And above all, be alone with your own thoughts.

I plan to look at solo traveling from many angles. Which Europeans cities are great for wandering? How long can you sit reading in a cafe before outstaying your welcome? Is it harder for women to travel alone? Can you go on a bar crawl by yourself? (Spoiler alert: yes, you can.)

I hope you’ll join me as I explore the pleasures and occasional challenges of solo traveling.

About me
Moving to London from Cape Town, I discovered I had an affinity for European cities, their varied and fascinating physical and cultural landscapes. I’m a graphic designer, blogger and fiction writer. I can also be found at Gin Fridays, a blog about martini drinking in London.

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