Beer in Bern

Bern, the beer capital. Did you know that Bern is the city with the greatest number of craft beer breweries in Switzerland? Here are some interesting facts and anecdotes about Bernese beer.

The smell of hops, malt and freshly brewed beer is in the air of the Swiss capital city. It comes out of garages, basements and even laundry rooms. There are around 150 breweries and microbreweries in Bern – more than in any other city in Switzerland. But not only the places where the delicious drinks are produced are vast and creative, there is also a great choice of bars and restaurants where they can be savored.

From restaurants and bars with in-house breweries such as the “Altes Tramdepot” or the “Barbière” to venues in vaulted cellars in Bern’s UNESCO World Heritage Site (the Old Town), there are countless places where local creations and international beer can be tasted and enjoyed.

Besides the young craft beer scene there is also old beer tradition in Bern: Since 1881 it is brewed in the Felsenau brewery located right on the banks of the Aare river, the city’s iconic landmark. Don’t miss out and visit Bern’s largest brewery!

If you’re visiting Bern in summer, swimming in the Aare river and rafting all the way from Bern to Lake Wohlen, you can’t miss it. Lay anchor with your raft at the brewery Felsenau and enjoy a fresh “Bärner Müntschi”. For those who would like to see and know more, the brewery offers tours, beer brewing classes, tastings, ramp sales as well as concerts and brewery parties. If you’re not travelling by water, you can take bus no. 21 towards Bremgarten (only five minutes from Bern station).

Fun fact: If you order a “kiss” at a bar in Bern, you will actually get a beer, namely a “Bärner Müntschi” (Bernese Kiss). It’s the flagship of the Swiss capital’s beers and popular across the whole county.

In Bern, beer even has its own open-air festival: In June, beer fans, connoisseurs, and brewers get together at the ZAPF! Craft Beer Festival where they discuss, try and enjoy the newest products.

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