Best Pics Competition – We Have Our Winners!


On the 25th of August, the official Facebook page of Spotted by Locals announced the “Best pics competition”. There you had (and still have!) an opportunity to vote (with a “like”, of course) for one of the 15  photo(s) we selected. 

It was actually impossible to select just 15 out of the 8000 very nice pictures included in our locals’ articles. But these 15 are absolutely beautiful…

Here’s the top 5 you selected!

1. Made in Blue Sofia – by Tsvetomira Filipova

Made in Blue Sofia by Tsvetomira Filipova

Made in Blue Sofia by Tsvetomira Filipova

Tsvetomira’s photo – which was taken at Made in Blue – got most of your likes on Facebook, so well done! So, what is so special about this place? Made in Blue is a restaurant in Sofia, which is situated in a 2-floored old house, on Yuriy Venelin street.

The exterior of the whole restaurant is painted in blue (now the name makes a lot more sense!) which makes it undoubtedly idiosyncratic. Near the house/restaurant there is a beautiful garden. The interior of Made in Blue is supplemented with cozy details: herbarium collections, paintings, vintage furniture…

But what about the food? Tsvetomira says that if you are looking for traditional dishes – you’re in the wrong place. Made in Blue is all about being different (and delicious!): veal tongue with teriyaki and radishes or curry mussels with coconut… Shall we continue? Tsvetomira claims that if you are visiting Sofia, Made in Blue should be in you “Must-see” list. Needless to say, it seems that we can feel a special atmosphere floating from Tsvetomira’s photo of Made in Blue…

2. Barice Sarajevo – by Samra Ribić

Barice Sarajevo by Samra Ribić

Barice Sarajevo by Samra Ribić

We guess you are wondering where Samra took this stunning photo? It’s Barice – the hill in Sarajevo. Not an easy one to climb though! But don’t you dare go there by car, follow the locals – take your backpack with some great food and hit the road straight to Barice.

This is one of the locals’ favorite places where they like to gather together, enjoy the fresh air and admire a breathtaking view. Samra explains the phenomenon that you have noticed in her stunning photo: Sarajevo is quite polluted and during winter time the city gets really foggy. But… When you climb Barice, you see THIS view: all the fog that covers the city,looks like a floating sea from up on the hill. So, if you are visiting Sarajevo don’t miss the opportunity to experience it yourself.

3. Land’s End San Francisco – by Luc Sokolsky

Land's End and Sutro Baths San Francisco by Luc Sokolsky

Land’s End and Sutro Baths San Francisco by Luc Sokolsky

The best thing about San Francisco, according to Luc, “is the accessibility of diverse outdoor terrain”. You only need to catch the right bus (number 38 if you want us to be more precise) and suddenly, just in the corner of the city, you will find a place where the city ends and nature begins. It’s Land’s End – a park in San Francisco, situated between the Sutro District and Lincoln Park.

The moment you enter the park, it’s absolutely up to you how you choose to explore it: stroll through Eucalyptus forest, enjoy Sutro Baths (which is a public saltwater swimming pool complex) or simply just walk around and try to find your own unique places. Everyone will find something special about Land’s End. Just look at the photo that Luc took there – isn’t it amazing?

4. Sandberg Bratislava – by Lenka Encingerová

Sandberg Bratislava by Lenka Encingerová

Sandberg Bratislava by Lenka Encingerová

All cities have their own spot with the best view of the city, and all locals have their own favorite… Bratislava has this special place and it’s called Sandberg.

A while ago, Sandberg was a sand quarry, but when fossils of prehistoric sea animals were found there, it was turned into a protected area. A stunning view opens from Sandberg: on the left you can see a beautiful vista stretching from the Devín Castle, all the way to the Male Karpaty mountains on the right. Furthermore, Sandberg is a huge area with a lot of nature, so it has become the sanctuary for many different species.

If Sandberg is not enough and you have some more energy left, Lenka suggests continuing up to Devinska Kobyla hill which is famous for its flora and fauna. No matter which direction you choose, you will constantly be surrounded by beautiful nature and stunning views!

5. Fairy Forest Tel Aviv – Photo by Sheilla Safra Maler

Fairy Forest Tel Aviv by Sheilla Safra Maler

Fairy Forest Tel Aviv by Sheilla Safra Maler

The magical picture that you can see above was taken at Fairy Forest store by our Tel Aviv local Sheilla. So, what gives the store this magical vibe, which you can feel the moment you enter Fairy Forest? In 2002, the owner of the shop started to import and collect sculptures, jewellery, cards, mandalas and books from all over the world. Suddenly the store was packed with various items that each have their own history and aura. Sheilla says that “You enter a space where fairies, gnomes and princesses will come alive from the sweet scent that hangs all over the store.” Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?

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