“Bloggers are the new city branders”

Image by anitakharty

If you’re into urbanism, I highly recommend you to read The Pop-Up City, a new online magazine on ideas, trends and strategies for new world cities. Top-class inspiration.

Recently, they blogged about what they think the top 10 urbanism trends for 2011 will be. While I agree all 10 could very well be a trend for 2011, one made me especially enthusiastic: “Bloggers are the new city branders”!

Official city-marketing campaigns initiated and controlled by local governments mostly try to tell the same story since they all want to attract the same kind of people to their towns — ‘international knowledge workers’. Bloggers, on the other hand, have a huge worldwide online audience and report about specific themes, styles and subcultures that more specifically characterize the city.

As a network of local bloggers in cities, of course we can only say Hallelujah!

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