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There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being lured into a tourist trap restaurant whilst visiting a city. When in Italy, you want to eat pasta ‘della mama’. When in Belgium, you don’t want reheated waffles. That’s where Culinary Backstreets comes in handy. They go on a quest to find the best, most authentic restaurants all over the world. First class cuisine served to you on a silver platter.

Culinary Backstreets doesn’t just want to help out the average tourist. Their purpose is also to help those traditional restaurants to get customers and to keep their business afloat. In a world full of chains, that’s quite the good deed. Besides from a site and app, they also offer walking itineraries, guided food tours, and much more. So let’s have a look.

It’s easy for a restaurant or food review, in general, to be shallow. Fortunately, that’s not what Culinary Backstreets represents. Each and every article comes with background info and – if necessary – an extensive explanation of the problem that they’re addressing. Which means that you’re not only finding out about a great food spot, but you’re also getting a bit more involved in the issues that come with it.

Culinary Backstreets tour

Every featured city has its own culinary experts to guide the tours. That means that if you book a tour through Culinary Backstreets, you can rest assured about the quality of your experience. There are few better ways to get to know a culture than by getting to know the local cuisine, so we highly recommend taking a tour upon arrival. Another advantage: you’ll know the best spots from the start and you’ll be able to return during the whole duration of your trip! This also makes for the perfect gift for your foodie friends by the way. Why not take a tour in Athens for example?

Culinary Backstreets eatinerary

Not so interested in a guided tour? Well, it’s also possible to buy yourself a map and just wander around on you own. You’ll still get to know the best spots but you’ll be able to experience them at your own pace. Whether you prefer a guided or self-guided tour totally depends on your character, so just try it out and see by yourself. Anyway, they do cover a lot of our Spotted by Locals cities (including Barcelona). Which means you’ve got double the amount of insider tips!

The Culinary Backstreets app allows you to make in-store purchases. Once you’ve bought a city guide, you get a lifetime of free updates. Which makes it totally worth the 4 euros you spend on them. You can see the spots nearby your location and even filter them. Just want to see bars because you want to have a drink? No problem!

All in all, Culinary Backstreets totally corresponds with our Spotted by Locals philosophy. They provide great tips on where to have authentic meals and drinks, making sure to avoid any tourist traps. You just need the Spotted by Locals app to make your destination guide complete and you’re good to go!

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