Why Board Games Never Go Out of Style

Settlers of Catan (by Bods Flickr)

There’s something to be said about playing games with friends or family something that Facebook games just can’t achieve. Maybe it’s tactually being able to look your opponent in the eye? Or knowing that your opponent can’t be using the internet to place 75-point words?

Board games are here to stay, and can be seen in more and more cafes around Europe.  Our Spotters have spotted this trend, and  are also fans of board games and have shared some of their favorite spots for playing board games. There’s even some spots for buying games and toys, and they’re not only for kids! Here’s a selection:

Tojeto, Ljubljana (by Miha Poredoš)

Tojeto – House of wise games & toys (by Miha Poredoš) in Ljubljana “[…] is a perfect place for each and everyone who is an explorer by heart and game freak. One step inside the shop and you dip into the magic world of puzzles, party and table games, […]”

Fletcher Moss pub – Mr. Moss himself would be proud! (by Kirsty Tyre) in Manchester is one of the first examples in this list of a pub that has board games lying around. “[…] it’s not unusual to see a group of punters engrossed in a game of Scrabble”

Ludo – Love to play? (by Martins Veidemanis) in Riga is not just any shop where you can buy games, “Ludo is way ahead every shop in Riga if we are talking about games. One will find almost every world famous board game there. It is possible not only to purchase many indoor and outdoor games here but also be a part of their board game club – join many enthusiasts in one of the game playing events.”

Solec 44, Warsaw (by Nitzan Reisner)

Solec 44 – Food and games (by Nitzan Reisner) in Warsaw has a multitude of games to lose yourself in!
“Solec took the best out of eating and playing and put it all together. Shelves full of board games deck the wall across from the bar and kitchen. Board games galore – you can ‘rent’ any game you like for as long as you want for just 1 PLN, while the kitchen serves truly gourmet meals! (The chefs are excellent!).”

Chaff, Brussels (by Wouter Spitters)

Chaff – Let the games begin! (by Wouter Spitters)
“[…] every Thursday evening from 20:00 to 00:00 Chaff is the epicenter of the Brussels board games world. Dozens of people gather together. The concept is simple: go sit at a table and you wait for one of the sympathetic organizing dudes to pass by, you pay 3 euro and in return you can a name tag and you can choose from dozens of often less known but fun games. “

V-meste – Soviet style board games coffee bar (by Elena Truskova) in St. Pete
“[…] there are many vintage accessories, ancient games like Dendy and Sea Fight”

Colonel Mustard, Oslo (by Zoë Waage)

Colonel Mustard – In the kitchen, with a knife (by Zoë Waage) in Oslo, the name kind of says it all.
“If you are a board game enthusiast, like me, this is close to heaven. An extensive collection of vintage board games, including the obvious Cluedo, just waiting to be played! This ranks as No. 1 on my list of reasons to visit Colonel Mustard.”

Total Bar – Fueling up (by Ajuni Burk) in Zurich.
“The loos are equipped with old railway fittings. You can borrow board games or read the paper while sipping a local beer. The many posters and flyers plastered to the walls about tell you everything you need to know about what is going on elsewhere in Zurich, but chances are you won’t be in too much of a hurry to leave Total Bar.”

Clockface – Take your time (by Elena Kozlova) in St. Pete has a very unique concept. You don’t pay for what you order, but for how long you’re there! However, if you decide to play one of their board games you might rack up quite a few minutes!

Café Sjakk Matt, Oslo (by Andrea Chirulescu)

Café Sjakk Matt – Coffee, food and games (by Andrea Chirulescu) in Oslo also has a very descriptive and informative name!
“We entered the place and passed by a table where a bunch of chess pieces were left by the previous consumers. A first sign that besides serving food and beverages, the place also allows you to order a board game and enjoy it with your companions. Since then, I always saw at least one table busy with chess and a lot of people at other tables enjoying a bunch of newspapers.”

Do you think board games are becoming trendy as well? Have you spotted a great place to play board games? Let us know in the comments!

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