Why We Love City Branded Condoms


A few weeks ago we heard about the CondomTO program. The city of Toronto gives away free personalized condoms with several streets of the city of the city on them. Originally part of a health program, it has generated a huge online buzz around the city: very good city marketing!

We were curious if any other cities have created their “own” condoms, and found a few!

VILLAGE_NYCCONDOM.psd - condoms-village-subway.pdf 2014-06-26 12-18-24

New York City brands really cool looking (fame and female!) condoms which you can pick up for free.  We like the tagline “Get Some, Get Yours!”



Washington DC apparently has the worst HIV epidemic in the US, with 1 in every 20 inhabitants living with HIV. The “Life Guard” health program has been distributing non-branded free condoms around the city since 2005. Recently they re-marketed their program to “Rubber revolution” – which looks a lot cooler. Still there’s room for more city branding in this campaign we think…

Get Free Condoms 2014-06-26 12-28-27

Have you seen condoms branded by cities in other countries? In Europ maybe? We love this trend: good for health and for branding cities!

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