5 of the Coolest Coworking Spots Around Europe

“When talent, passion, and innovation are concentrated in a place, things aren’t bound to happen, they will happen!” This lovely quote defines “the reason why” there is an increasing number of travelers working around the globe in common shared spaces. Also called co-working spaces.

Imagine having found your passion and you’re a self-employed individual dedicating days and months to improving your ideas. However, instead of sitting alone in an office, you are in a cool and vibrant place surrounded by other passionate folks. People who might work on something completely unrelated to you, but with the same state of mind. Sharing space, exchanging information and helping each other out. The environment you’re in affects you tremendously and creating an idea-sharing platform is beneficial for everyone. Therefore, all around the world, people transform industrial places into collective spots. Sounds interesting? Well, here is a selection of five of the coolest co-working platforms around Europe!

Poligon – Ljubljana

Poligon Ljubljana co-working spaces

Poligon (by Poligon kreativni center)

Pop Up Dom, as locals call it, or Poligon is a project of several Slovenians dedicated to bringing a change to the community. Three years after opening its doors in 2012, Poligon Creative Center has already had a major impact on the future of the Slovenian creative sector. It’s located in Ljubljana’s abandoned tobacco factory, Tobačna. The co-working space started an important conversation about alternative solutions to unemployment, and support for creatives through crowdfunding and co-working. Poligon hosts events several times a week, which focus on tech, media, design, exhibitions and film screenings. It’s definitely something not to miss out on!

Impact Hub – Geneva

Impact Hub Geneva co-working spaces

Impact Hub (by Impact Hub Geneva)

On the surface Impact Hub Geneva is an open space where people who care about the world can work, learn, host events, design products or simply enjoy lunch together. At its heart though, Impact Hub is about caring and developing a diverse range of programs. They do so through training, expert support and other resources. By which they’re trying to enable entrepreneurial ventures of purpose-driven teams and individuals. Proof for that is the crowdfunding campaign, creating scholarship funds to empower young people to take action for a better world!

Seats2meet – Amsterdam

Seats2meet (by MeetBerlage.com)

Seats2meet is an organization (should I say an ecosystem?) of co-work and meeting spaces where your knowledge is a currency. Here, you get offered a place to work plus a likeminded community and, in exchange, you’re just expected to give back by helping other co-workers in your fields of expertise. You can do it on the spot or online. Don’t get discouraged by the term “expertise”. You don’t need to be a master/doctor/Ph.D. laureate to be part of the community. Just help whenever you can! The best part? They have more than 90 locations in The Netherlands.

Platforma Art Zavod – Kiev

Platforma Art Zavod Kiev co-working spaces

Platforma Art Zavod (by Платформа арт-завод)

Literally translated as “art factory platform”, Platforma Art Zavod promotes activities including creative industry events from visual art to software development. Thanks to a developer more than 6,000 square meters of industrial space in Kiev have been transformed and now serve as a cultural hub. What to expect? Exhibitions, lectures, working spaces, entertainment… There’s something to cater to everyone’s taste!

Coffice – Milan

Coffice Milan co-working spaces

Coffice (by Coffice)

What’s in a name, right? Coffice is all about co-working, coziness, coffee, open office space… It works like this: you pay a fixed amount per hour spent at Coffice and in return you get everything you need. That goes from free Wi-Fi to coffee, tea, and fruit. Coffice has two locations, both conveniently located near the city center of Milan. Perfect if you just need a couple of hours to get your work done. Afterward, you can go straight to shopping, eating pasta or aperitivo. That’s up to you.

Wherever or however you are running your business, just remember that there is always the option to join communities of co-working enthusiasts! Apart from possibly getting fresh ideas for your business, you can enjoy the joy of working in different places. As Gordon Lightfoot said: “You just get the vibes of your surroundings and it rubs off on you!”

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