Drink Like a Local: What to Order and Where

When it comes to traveling, everybody wants to feel like a local. How to go about this? Grabbing a drink in a new city is not a bad place to start. Read on to learn what to order at the bar and where.



Rec 31, Barcelona

Forget red wine. Spain is all about vermouth. The red (or white) wine flavored with aromatic herbs is made chiefly in France and Italy, but spots like Bormuth in Barcelona prove its popularity in points west. Head here for tapas and the sweet stuff, served over rocks of ice with a wedge of orange and a salty olive.



Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Angolo Piazza Duomo, Milan

Thought the only true Italian aperitif was the mighty Aperol Spritz? Learn your lesson at Camparino and leave a true insider, after ordering a negroni (gin, vermouth, Campari) in the historic, art-deco setting. The drink is only meant to whet the appetite, so save room for pizza, pasta and more. Any excuse, really.

Kir Royale

La Caravane 

Rue de la Fontaine au Roi 35, Paris

In French culture, the aperitif is sacred, but in Paris it has become almost a noisy celebration of the happy hour. To avoid the crowds, head to La Caravane for a more relaxed affair. Once there, order crème de cassis topped with champagne – a Kir Royale, s’il vous plait. The French drink it as an aperitif and so should you.


Brettos Bar 

Kydathineon 41, Athens

You know what we’re going to say, don’t you? Ouzo. Greece is well known for its ouzo liqueur, but how many others have you tried? Brettos Bar is the center of liqueurs in Athens, hidden in the very middle of the city center. IF it’s doable, Brettos has it. They’ve made a liqueur out of almost anything – watermelon, caramel, raspberry, cocoa, you name it.



Kristen Bernikows Gade 4, Copenhagen

Throughout Scandinavia, celebratory occasions call for shots of infused vodka accompanied by a traditional song. Jolly, eh? In Denmark, this will almost always be Aquavit. Check out 1105, an instant hit on the Copenhagen cocktail scene. The bar is helped by Hardeep Rehal, two-time Danish Bartender of the Year, who serves up his infamous Cucumber Yum-Yum, a pink concoction of gin, Aquavit infused with raspberries, honey and cucumber.

Limited edition IPA

Black Market

Via Panisperna 101, Rome

Black Market is a bar in Rome with a hipster-vintage aesthetic and a cozy vibe. The place also has great music, whether it is a nice playlist, DJ set or live music! There is a wide selection of drinks including specialty cocktails and aperitivos. But there most special drink is their limited edition Black Market IPA. So sit back and have a sip of your IPA in one of their comfy sofas.


Cambridge Brewing Company 

1 Kendall Square, Boston

Chicago is full of architectural wonders, but be sure to sample something colder than the streets of the Windy City. While Cambridge Brewing company has earned itself a reputation for its delicious, innovative beers (you can watch the brewing processes through a window behind the bar), its food menu is not to be missed, especially brunch.

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