Gogobot – Get travel advice from your friends

I recently signed up for gogobot, a recently launched travel website best described I think as a “Facebook for planning trips”. It has attracted a lot of attention lately, and of course I wanted to try it out!

After you sign up, you can add the places you’ve visited (very easy – I added 50 countries in 15 minutes), browse tips by gogobot users, and ask for specific advice from from friends who are also on Gogobot (you can easily find them). Gobobot is a startup, so it does not have a huge amount of followers like Tripadvisor for example. 5 of my 500 Facebook friends are on gogobot currently – I’m sure this will grow and make it more fun and useful.

I tested the “get advice from friends” service by asking a question about one of my favorite museums, which I hope to visit some time soon again:

Unfortunately, I did not get a reply. But that’s probably because I have too few friends on gogobot.

You can find an amazing quantity of spots already that people reviewed. Understandably, “highlight attractions” such as the Eiffel tower and famous museums are most present. But I also found one inside tip one of our Glasgow locals wrote about on Spotted by Locals – Kelvingrove park in Glasgow!

When a spot is not in the gogobot-library, it’s very easy to add a new spot. I added a cool market I recently visited:

All in all, I think the website is one of the user-friendliest I’ve ever seen, and it’s fun to use too. Now if I just had some more friends on Gogobot…. If we know each other, check my profile and invite me to be your friend!

What do you think of gogobot?

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