Testing Google Field Trip – Now available worldwide!


The very cool Google (Niantic Labs) Field Trip app was only available in the US & UK until recently. Apart from a short demo at a meeting with the Field Trip team at Google’s San Francisco HQ (where I got a Field Trip t-shirt – see below), we had not seen it work in practice yet.

As Spotted by Locals’ tips are included in the Field Trip app, we could not wait to test out the app on our own phones. Now that the app is now available for Android & iOS users in most countries in the world, I’ve been testing it out in Amsterdam.

So, what’s Field Trip again?
Field Trip is a guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you. The app runs in the background on your phone. When you get close to something interesting, it will notify you of this content delivered by curated content publishers (like us!). Field Trip learns from your preferences, which you can tweak. You can also set the amount of tips (“cards”) you want to receive. Field Trip’s noble ultimate goal is “seamless discovery”, as Google Niantic Labs John Hanke calls it.


In the last two weeks I spent a lot of time trying out the app in my native Amsterdam. And I really enjoyed it!

I love reading about architecture, and learned a lot from the tips by Modern Architecture Guide MIMOA and the Open Buildings project, even about buildings I’ve been living around for years! Our friends from Great Little Place also have some very good Amsterdam tips. Of course I also ran into many of our Amsterdam locals’ tips.


The app works intuitively and fast, and it was easy to tweak the app so it gives me mostly tips about spots I’m really interested in.

No criticism? Yes, some on the content side… Zagat recommended me to visit some spots that no longer existed, and some of the content was supplied in other languages than English. I hope Google will remain its high content standards, and only work with high quality publishers that keep their content up-to-date!

All in all, I can really recommend you to download the app via the Field Trip website. I guarantee you will learn about some interesting new spots or background information in your own city (or abroad, if you have a good roaming deal).


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