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Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana (by Manica Kranjec)

Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana (by Manica Kranjec)

The only OBJECTIVE hipster guide! Hipster has become something like a buzzword in recent years, and our Spotters are using it too. There are certainly people among our Spotters that would fit the overall idea of a hipster as being young, artistic, fashionista and avant garde. Let’s see where our Spotters would send you if they met you on the street – you, male with a moustache combined with a high-water chinos and loafers, thick framed glasses and a cap, or you, female, wearing American Apparel trousers up until right under your breasts, padded wide shoulder jackets, thick framed glasses too, all in bright colors – here is a collection of spots you’d be sent to right away, no doubt…

This list contains a selection of 21 hipster spots in Europe and Northern America. We have many more spots in many more cities that we could label “hipster”. If your city is not listed it’s not because it doesn’t have any hipster spots, it’s just because we made an arbitrary selection. Feel free to comment if you are missing something, and who knows, maybe we’ll continue this list!


Lekka Street, Athens (by Marilena Salamanou)

Lekka Street, Athens (by Marilena Salamanou)

Lekka street – Athens’ nightlife at its best!
“A few years ago hipsters of Athens used to gather at Kleitiou street. Nowadays their new place to be is Lekka street. […] These bars love good music, clean alcoholic drinks and they make people want to stay until dawn!” – Marilena Salamanou


Dtox Hair Salon Barcelona (by Ilse de Ridder)

Dtox Hair Salon, Barcelona (by Ilse de Ridder)

Dtox Hair Salon – Hipster hair salon
“[…] In an old 50’s building on a typical skater square you’ll find this hipster place. Don’t get put off by the outside; once you enter Dtox Hair Salon you find yourself in a lush, beautiful salon! It has a trendy design with vintage furniture and a raw, industrial look. I felt like I was in the middle of cosmopolitan New York rather than Barcelona […]” – Ilse de Ridder


kika Brussels (by kika)

kika, Brussels (by kika)

kika – Vintage all the way
kika is only open at night and is well-known by Brussels hipsters and young people who have a fascination for design. The food is tasty and is inspired by the Italian and Asian kitchen. The best way to start the evening at kikais to have some bruschetta.” – Kwinten Lambrecht


FYUL Breadstreet Edinburh (by Andrea Thomson)

FYUL Breadstreet Edinburgh (by Andrea Thomson)

FYUL Breadstreet
FYUL Breadstreet originally caught my eye with its quirky décor. The sign outside is adapted from an old roadwork sign, there are large windows which show a large section of one wall decorated with old doors as well as comfy sofas and funky mismatched furniture – it’s Hipster heaven.” – Fiona Diack


Barbershop, Geneva (by Megan Warren)

Barbershop, Geneva (by Megan Warren)

Barbershop – Meet a collar of another color
“What do rhinos, converse, puppy dog tails, prohibition, and skateboards have in common? Their owner. Himself a mélange of New York hipster and Parisian funk […] Whether you kick it in classic All Stars, leather wing-tips, or Miu-Miu platforms, the Barbershop is a place that encourages you to unbutton your blue, white, or pink collar and share a tipple.” – Megan Warren


Miejsce Krakow by Grzegorz Ryzio

Miejsce, Krakow by Grzegorz Ryzio

Miejsce – Hipster hangout
“Many artists and artistic types frequent here but beware you can walk by (Miejsce) easily and not notice it as there is no signage, just be on the lookout for white brick walls and colorful furniture.” – Grzegorz Ryzio


Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana (by Manica Kranjec)

Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana (by Mankica Kranjec)

Bi Ko Fe – A café with international soul
“The owners of Bi Ko Fe are Stojan, Jure and Peter who know exactly how to run this artist-friendly place with international soul. They played with ideas and renovated the entire interior by using recycled and refurbished furniture, therefore this hangout place portrays a homey and cozy atmosphere.” – Mankica Kranjec


The Book Club (by Peter Hoffer)

The Book Club (by Peter Hoffer)

The Book Club – Beers Not Books
“There’s a full social calendar at the The Book Club so that nearly every evening there is something to entertain even the most jaded hipster – blues gigs, art exhibitions, movies screenings and even speed dating […]” – Peter Hoffer

Los Angeles

The Heart and the Hunter, Los Angeles (by Esteban Cordoba)

The Heart and the Hunter, Los Angeles (by Esteban Cordoba)

The Hart and the Hunter – Country in LA
“Hidden inside the ultra hipster Palihotel on Melrose, The Hart and the Hunter offers a one of a kind dining experience that will leave you breathless and wanting more [. ..] Cozy and warm, this minimalist hipster jewel is a must if you find yourself strolling the famous Melrose Ave. Don’t forget to order the chopped raw steak and bone marrow, it is truly heavenly.” – Esteban Cordoba


La Bicicletta, Madrid (by Alejandro Muniz)

La Bicicletta, Madrid (by Alejandro Muñiz Delgado)

La Bicicleta – Coffee and cycling? Yeah!
“It’s not so weird that the hipster neighborhood of Malasaña has a pub-coffee-place-to-chat named “La Bicicleta” (the bike). This bike oriented space is full of comfortable couches and armchairs. You can start your day here with a warm coffee while reading a newspaper and enjoying a delicious carrot cake” – Alejandro Muñiz Delgado


Cafe Neve, Montreal (by Violaine Saint Cyr)

Cafe Neve, Montreal (by Violaine Saint-Cyr)

Café Nevé – Home of “CHC”
“It somehow feels taboo to label places as “hipster hangouts”, but there’s also no denying it when it comes to Café Nevé. Plateau cool kids and local artists (as well as good ol’ regular Joes; and Janes, to be politically correct) come here for their daily caffeine fix […]” – Violaine Saint-Cyr


Hans im Glück, Munich (by Ayla Amschlinger)

Hans im Glück, Munich (by Ayla Amschlinger)

Hans im Glück – Fairytale burger
“Entering one of the branches of Munich’s popular burger restaurant Hans im Glück (online reservation possible), I instantly feel like stepping into a fairytale forest. High birch trees are growing between the tables, the light is dimmed and a crowd of urban hipster Hans’s are enjoying their burgers.” – Ayla Amschlinger

New York

South Street Seaport New York (by Marina Bekker)

South Street Seaport, New York (by Marina Bekker)

South Street Seaport – Hipster paradise
“The South Street Seaport has been a number of things to an array of types. It is a romantic viewpoint for love birds, it is a hub for foodies, it’s a trinket of uniqueness for shop-a-holics. […] But one thing that can not be washed away with any tide is the beautiful view you have of the Brooklyn Bridge and of the beautiful East River and Wallabout Bay. What a great spot: food, shopping and all with a view!” – Marina Bekker


Freudian Kicks (by Lene Haugerud)

Freudian Kicks, Oslo (by Lene Haugerud)

Freudian Kicks – Hipster haven
“Located in the old Posthallen, it’s got that trendy brick vibe going on. But all the while this part of town has been rumoured to take off as the next big thing, it has never seemed to happen. There are a few other cool spots near by, like a Henrik Vibskov boutique, but all in all Freudian Kicks stands out as a lone wolf in a half dead part of town.” – Lene Haugerud


Vzorkovna, Prague (by Štěpán Bärtl)

Vzorkovna, Prague (by Štěpán Bärtl )

Vzorkovna – Downtown Punk
“Attracting punk and hipster crowds alike, you can never be quite sure what your evening at Vzorkovna will turn out to be like. It might involve an impromptu music performance and it will certainly involve a decent level of intoxication. Time seems to follow a rather different trajectory at Vzorkovna, […]” – Štêpán Bärtl


La Kanja, Skopje (by Bojana Trajkovska)

La Kanja, Skopje (by Bojana Trajkovska)

La Kanja – The heart of urban culture
“Holding the monopoly on hipster nightlife in Skopje, the bar offers a unique urban atmosphere filled up with a sophisticated bohemian set with an easy-going personality. Acting as a mediator between mainstream and underground, La Kanja is an important meeting point not only for different artists, […]” – Bojana Trajkovska


Love Food Cafe Stockholm (by Love Food Cafe)

Love Food Cafe, Stockholm (by Love Food Cafe)

Love Food Cafe – Hipster’s favourite fast food
“Burgers and pulled pork have been a food trend in Stockholm for a while now. The trend sensitive food lovers of Södermalm are cooking confit on Sundays while discussing what place in town has the best and most genuine burgers. […] Love Food Cafe also has veggie options like Portobello and Eggplant. The bearded men behind the counter are happy to give you advice on the best combos from the menu.” – Elin Sjöberg


Schikaneder Vienna (by Okreitz)

Schikaneder, Vienna (by Okreitz)

Schikaneder – Hipster kino
“Nestled in the 4th district close to the heart of the city, Schikaneder teems with revellers, and it is easy to see why. The laid-back atmosphere and chic/shabby interior (fashionably unrestored) attracts crowds of people in large-framed glasses and skinny jeans.” – David Titcumb


Grand Electric Toronto (by Thomas Junek)

Grand Electric, Toronto (by Thomas Junek)

Grand Electric – Hipster tacos (and bourbon)
Grand Electric wasn’t the first place in town to serve tacos but they were the first to make them “cool” in a city infatuated with cool food eaten in cool spaces served by cool (read: hipster) servers. Don’t worry though – you can trust me on that I wouldn’t be writing about this spot if the food was not up to par.” – Thomas Junek



Plano B, Porto (by Miriam Magalhães)

Plano B – The Plan A for most nights out
“[…] from the vintage and careful decoration, where the ancient elements like the fountain below and the statues crossed with the vintage portraits and meets modern and digital lightning. […] So, if you want to feel the more hipster side of Porto, Plano B is their Mecca. Just follow their trail.” – Tiago Magalhães


Dante, Zurich (by Christine Syrad)

Dante, Zurich (by Christine Syrad)

Dante – “A bar and a basement”
“Unlike the seedy characters Chandler’s Marlowe would encounter in his local bar, Dante is the gathering place for the cool kids of Zurich. I want to avoid using the word “hipster” but, in truth, it’s the best word with which to describe the people you’ll rub shoulders with here.” – Christine Syrad

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