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Epidemy (by Eneas)

Epidemy (by Eneas)

Travelling abroad is something that most of us take for granted nowadays and more people than ever are visiting foreign countries, whether it is for something to do with their work or simply for pleasure or adventure.

Many people who are looking to advance their careers can find themselves as ‘expat’ workers based abroad for various lengths of time. Of course, the term also applies to those who have come to the end of their working lives and taken up the option of retirement in a warmer climate.

When you are based in another country, for whatever reason and for however long, it is sometimes hard to realise that the same types of medical and health cover you might take for granted at home may well not apply in your new location.


Most people take out travel insurance to cover themselves, their families and their belongings while they are on holiday. For longer stretches though, this can be something that is overlooked as part of the overall planning.

If you are concerned with finding long term accommodation, settling into a new job or just getting to know the new neighbours and enjoying the local lifestyle, having the right kind of cover for all eventualities can be something that gets overlooked in all the excitement.

Medical and health

Depending on which country you find yourself in, there is unlikely to be the same kind of ‘free at the point of use’ NHS style health system we have at home, even amongst other EU member states. Expatriate health insurance means you can have the peace of mind that expensive medical costs would not be a worry if you became ill of had an accident of some kind.

Without some kind of overseas health insurance, you may be liable to pay for any and all expenses related to the treatment you received from a whole range of healthcare professionals, even in the local government health system.

Standard travel insurance packages simply don’t offer the level of cover you would need, as the cover limits are often lower and usually limited to a certain amount of time, meaning that long term expats could easily find themselves without a suitable policy.

Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal circumstances as to which type of cover you may need. With a comprehensive international healthcare package you can have peace of mind that you will be fully looked after in any circumstances you might find yourself in.

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