Our Interrail trip through Ireland & UK

Sunrise in Dublin

We just came back from a short but awesome Interrail trip to Dublin, Manchester, Edinburgh & Glasgow! So lovely to meet all Spotters and check out so many of their favorite spots guided by the app (and in Glasgow & Edinburgh guided by Spotters in person!)

Dublin Spotters meeting

Edinburgh Spotters meeting

Meeting Glasgow Spotters

Meeting Glasgow Spotter Debbie

Meeting Spotters in Edinburgh

The Duke of Wellington Glasgow (read the story about the cone, it’s hilarious)

We did the entire trip in UK & Ireland by train, using Interrail – a pass that lets you travel (almost) unlimited in Europe. It’s such a great way to travel!

Want to win an Interrail or Eurail pass yourself? We’re giving away 5 x 2 Global Interrail passes (30 days, 1st class). Apply on this page if you’re an EU citizen, or this one if you’re not!

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