Why Spotter Kyra Garske loves Hamburg!

Hamburg Spotter - Kyra Garske

Hamburg Spotter – Kyra Garske

I was born in East-Berlin, grown up in the north-east of Germany, worked in Paris (France), studied in Darmstadt and Hamburg and worked for a couple of month in Kiev (Ukraine).

I finally arrived in Hamburg in 2003. This harbour-city in the north of Germany makes me feel like I belong to, for the first time.

I studied visual communication with photography and philosophy as my major subjects and graduated in 2008. Beside my university education, I always traveled to many different places in the world and so it tooks also part of my studies. Visual impressions, acoustic sounds and atmosphere have always been my first passions.

Well, I lived in different places in Hamburg, in Ohlsdorf (up in the north) in an international student residence with 14 people in a shared flat, then I moved only for one year to snooty Winterhude (middle) and at least I am living in alternative Altona-Altstadt (west) with my three flatmates in a building a hundred years old. Between the scenic Schanze, the partying St. Pauli and the familiar Ottensen, I live beside Turkish markets and 1-euro-stores, small, fancy designer offices and traditional Hamburgian pubs.

An internship in a small graphic agency brought me to Hamburg, but I fell in love with the city and stayed. Hamburg is vibrant and different, – you always can find everything between snobs and punks, glamour and snotty, luxury mansions to alternative squats, old sailors in a pub talking about old stories to spoilt kids with their nanny, noble theatres in city center to secret electro parties at the harbour, the rich (in history) soccer club HSV to the alternative rich (in hearts) soccer club FC St. Pauli, vibrant quarter to one-horse town, pastel colored polo shirt people to colorful Turkish bazar trader, scenic coolness to laid-back attitudes, sushi bars to fish bread, new to old, Holsten beer to Astra beer,… to …

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