Why City Life is Healthier than Country Life

Tai Chi and a Kiss on the Hudson by Tony Fischer Photography
Some rights reserved by Tony Fischer Photography

Against all expectations life in cities has proven to be healthier than life in rural areas, according to ongoing research by the University of Wisconsin since 2003.

Noise, pollution, crime, dense populations, and high stress levels? Those words often come up when thinking of life in big cities.

But cities often offer a better educational system, better job opportunities and better health care. A better infrastructure also contributes in supplying of healthy foods, and having your gym and your yoga center at walking distance keeps the willingness for doing your workout within your comfort zone.

In rural areas residents are more likely to be obese, sedentary, and smoke cigarettes. They also face higher rates of diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure, according to the report.

The article, found on CBS News, is based on a health ranking of all American counties, conducted by the University of Wisconsin. Read the whole report on CBS News here and watch the video!

Research on this topic is inconsistent though. People in the city are more likely to die at a younger age according to the WHO, as you can read in this article on our blog from a while ago!

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