Malmö – a green city

Photographer: Karolina Friberg

Historically known as ”The City of Parks”, Malmö has always been referred to as a green city. The green heritage carries on today in a variety of ways, making Malmö a top choice for the conscious traveller.

For many years Malmö has been the leading spot for vegan and vegetarian food in Sweden, and new places keep popping up. Aside from the countless falafel-shops around town (you’ll notice), most restaurants offer well thought through vegetarian options on the menu and many don’t serve meat or animal products at all. A Malmö institution by now, restaurant Sájvva offers asian fine dining. On the other side of the scale, you’ll find The Vegan Bar serving your favourite street grub with a range of different vegan patties. One of the latest additions is Mineral. Starting out as mainly a wine bar with focus on natural wine, they have successfully put some extra effort in their menu recently.

Not only the restaurants walk the sustainable path. In Malmö you’ll find many shops and businesses dedicated to locally produced and organic goods throughout the city. For example, Gram sells all their goods in bulk, so if you plan to stop by, bring your own containers. Los Perros Urban Farming grow all their crops within the city limits, experimenting with both new greens and classics, and all deliveries are made by bike of course. If you’re curious what city grown veggies taste like, check out their café Flax. Malmö is also the home for Oatly, which is currently taking over the world with its oat-based products and witty marketing.

The ”green thinking” even expands into city planning and the backbone of the city. 80% of the hotels in Malmö are eco-friendly . The Eco-City in Augustenborg and Bo01 in Västra Hamnen are internationally known for its economical, organic and socially sustainable solutions. As Malmö grows, with plans to becoming a half million people city, the city keeps exploring cutting edge ways to develop and maintain new neighbourhoods.

Gram Malmö (by Fredrik Johansson)

Although the tagline ”The City of Parks” may not be used as much anymore, the parks still play a big part in the city’s environment. Strolling around, you’ll find that the lush parks and gardens adds to the praised atmosphere of the city and remind you of all the other things happening around town.

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