Spotter in the Spotlight: Maranta Vego from Sarajevo

Maranta is an architect, writer and (analog) photographer in Sarajevo who loves languages and meeting people from all over the world. There’s little she loves more than walking around in Sarajevo and looking around for new spots.

We’re very happy to have had Maranta onboard since 2013 as one of the pioneers of Spotted by Locals Sarajevo, and we’re happy to have met her in 2015. Too long ago already, it’s time to come back!

Here are some of her favorite spots:

Kino Bosna – Great local bar in an old cinema!

Kino Bosna Sarajevo (by Maranta Vega)

“Kino Bosna’s an old cinema with decades and decades of tradition, but after the war it became useless. Ms. Sena gave it life again, she now runs it and is always there to make everyone’s stay better, to talk and share this unique story about Kino Bosna with whoever’s interested in hearing it.”

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Dzenita – Where traditional food is at its best!

Dzenita Sarajevo (by Maranta Vega)

“Dzenita has a special vibe, although it is located in Bascarsija, old town, surrounded with many traditional restaurants, it still manages to be unique – thanks to their fresh, homemade food and such kind staff. Prices are very affordable – rich soup, main dish, and dessert you can have for under € 10 with quite generous portions.”

Full article: Dzenita

Hippy Klupa – Coffee in the park with a story

Hippy Klupa Sarajevo (by Maranta Vego)

“The name itself I suppose is a homage to the local, long bench next to the park which has been a gathering place of youth since when my parents were young and restless. They say that it was always crowded, a place where youngsters would go to, meet up, sit, hang around, sneak cigarettes (back at the time, one could only buy cigarettes by piece and friends would share one as a social bond and watch the famous ”Korzo”, a walk up and down the street, to see and be seen).”

Full article: Hippy Klupa

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