My internship with Spotted by Locals


It actually took writing this article to make myself realize that my internship is coming to an end here at Spotted by Locals. Ending an amazing journey has never been worse for anyone, including me, but still I am glad that fate has brought me the time of my life earlier than I expected. That being said, I would like to share the five-month story of my internship at Spotted by Locals, as I live the last moments of being an intern.

Putting my luck to the test in exploring Europe as my next educational destination, I managed to join a double-degree program that was available in Amsterdam. It was definitely one of those moments that changed my life entirely as this is a completely new experience for me, being that I lived in Indonesia my whole life and never resided in any other place. I was halfway through my double-degree program and was feeling really tired due to the many assignments and also exams, and was given the advice to ‘explore’ Amsterdam for a change of pace. I searched for what to see in Amsterdam and I ended up on a website that piqued my interest, and that is how I managed to ‘spot’ Spotted by Locals.

As one of the requirements of my graduation, I was to do an internship for a company here in Amsterdam. Even though it is a mandatory course, I always reminded myself that this could be a big milestone towards my professional life so I set myself the goal that I would find an internship that would enhance me professionally but also be able to shape me into a better individual. Nonetheless, I remembered Spotted by Locals and looked to see if they had any vacancies for interns and turns out I was lucky. I contacted Bart for the opportunity and managed to squeeze myself in through the screenings of different applicants.

I felt the rush of five whole months slipping through my hands just as I answered the last Skype meeting call from Laura, and never thought that I was actually going to leave. The past five months have been intense with work coming in here and there, but I do not regret every single hour I spent trying to better myself in doing my work, as those memories will never cease to put a smile on my face.

Spotted by Locals presented me with opportunities to improve my skills, especially in social media and also the communication area. I managed to become more confident in speaking and also voicing my opinions when needed, setting priorities so it could help me sort out deadlines and also enhanced my understanding of social media itself. Working with both Bart and Laura has never been anything other than a huge privilege as both of them never stopped helping me in ways to improve on everything. Never in my life have I experienced such a level of cooperation, trust and positive vibes that both Bart and Laura somehow manage to bring with them anytime of the day! I was also entrusted with tasks that are always challenging, but are always rewarding when finished. It delights me that even though I am only still an intern, I was able to experience how a working environment really works and I am confident enough to say that I am more prepared to face a job than before.

Every enter button I press keeps on reminding me on how much I enjoyed the experience, but the main reason as to why I admire Spotted by Locals is how the company works. I am grateful that this travel like a local concept exists so close to me as this is the closest to what my ideals could possibly ask for in a business. Being able to incorporate so many people from so many cultures never ceases to amaze me. I’m happy I managed to catch a glimpse of how amazing the company is. Additionally, experiencing an internship in this company just adds on to Spotted by Locals’, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Before I write down the last sentence, I would like to express once again my gratitude for Bart for allowing me to be one of the lucky people to experience what Spotted by Locals has to offer and also to Laura who has always been a massive help throughout every part of this journey. I hope my paths will cross with Spotted by Locals in the future and hopefully by then, I will be a much better individual who is also proud to say that “I was once a part of Spotted by Locals”.

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