The Green Trend, 8 Spots to Matcha Your Day!

In this article, we will present you with some of our spotters best spots to enjoy a nice matcha beverage or matcha inspired food. Now, since you decided to click on this article that can mean two things, either you already embraced the matcha wave or you were wondering what matcha even is, why you keep hearing it everywhere, and why we decided to base an entire article on it. If you are a part of the first group you can skip the rest of this intro and go straight to our lovely spots! If you’re part of the second group don’t worry, we will explain.

You see, matcha is a fine green tea powder originally from China and Japan, where they have been drinking it for centuries. Buddhist monks even used to drink it to help them during meditation. Why? Because matcha has a ton of health benefits, including ten times more antioxidants than regular tea! If you combine these benefits with its pretty green color (hello Instagram!) it’s no wonder it became so trendy! Tip: If the taste is something you’re not quite used to just add a little bit of sweetener!

Matcha Bistro & Bar in Warsaw

Image by Match Bistro & Bar

Matcha Bistro & Bar is a tea room that serves original Japanese matcha tea and many others. They also serve Japanese desserts, ramen, smoothies and more. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We recommend trying some of their lovely sweets such as their mango matcha cheesecake!

Matcha Cha in Los Angeles

Image by Matcha Cha

Matcha Cha is all about matcha, primarily in soft-serve ice cream form. You can get it in a cone or in a dish. The flavors are matcha. strawberry or the two twisted together and you can add different types of toppings to make it your own! They offer matcha in many other forms too, including of course different teas and coffees and even pancakes.

Round & Round in Rotterdam

Image by Round & Round

Round & Round is owned by two Chinese expats, Bing, and Chao who share a passion for matcha and Japanese cake rolls. They create their own recipes and try to give their cakes a soft texture with natural flavors and serve a strong matcha latte. What they serve really lives up to their motto, look cute and taste good!

Little Pebbles in Toronto

Image by Little Pebbles

Little Pebbles serves matcha lattes and other Japanese-inspired desserts. Their interior consists of muted colors, wood accents, and soft lighting, which gives it a very zen feeling. They take special care in the appearance of their drinks and cakes so everything looks stunning. As a tip, you should try their matcha tiramisu!

HanSo Café in Madrid

Image by HanSo Café

HanSo Café is located on the popular street of Calle Pez. They specialize in high quality and very creative caffeinated beverages. As well as plenty of non-caffeinated options, including a wide variety of teas and infusions. The matcha latte is one of their specialties, but they infuse matcha in other dishes as well!

Tapa in Glasgow

Image by Tapa organic

Tapa is a lovely, quaint little coffee and bakehouse. Everything they serve is organic, either vegan or vegetarian, and delicious! They serve matcha green tea latte, something our spotter tells us is hard to find in the city. Luckily they even have two locations one in the East End and the other on the Southside. Tip, enjoy your matcha latte with some very nice pumpkin bread!

Aperture Coffee Bar in Vancouver

Image by Aperture Coffee Bar

Aperture Coffee Bar has a friendly staff and a relaxed ambiance. It’s a place where you can stay and take your time, either to relax or maybe do some work. Our spotter is a big fan of their matcha lattes, calling it delicious and slightly sweet like she enjoys. If you rather drink your matcha unsweetened no problem, they ask you before they make your order!

Raštinė in Vilnius

Image by Raštinė

Raštinė is one of the few places in Vilnius where you can try a matcha latte! It is a quality coffee-shop and stationery store in one. They put a lot of thought into their concept, even the cups they use are made by Lithuanian designers. What our spotter really likes is the colorful and cozy atmosphere that makes Raštinė the perfect spot for a rainy day!

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