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Andrea Visconti Milan

Today we have an interview with Andrea Visconti, Spotter for our Milan cityblog.

We met Andrea in Milan in July 2008 in a very cosy winebar. He told us a lot about his interests in photography, and his job as an engineer. An interesting feature: like most Italians, Andrea knows a lot about wine. But his real specialty seems to be beers! Maybe that’s because of his study time in Brussels…

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Can you give us a bit of background info on yourself?
I grew up in Varese, a small city 50km north of Milano, and I began to come here regularly to attend university. After four years commuting between the two cities every day and six months spent in Bruxelles as an Erasmus student, I finally decided to move in Milano.

I mostly lived in the Città Studi area, that is still the one I know best, but recently, when I began to work, I moved to the opposite side of the town. I studied electronic engineering and now I work as designer for a big electronic company just out of the city. I design small complicated circuits that you will surely use in many things without even knowing that!

My main hobby is photography… so, as soon as I have some free time, you can see me wandering around with my camera.

Milano photography shop “New Old Camera“, by Andrea Visconti

Why should you come to Milan?
Well, good question! Milan is definitely not the best city you can visit in Italy… places like Florence, Rome and Venice are definitely more fascinating! Beside that Milan is a big and very lively city. It’s mostly famous for fashion and design: there are some good museums about that, worldwide important exhibitions and many shops that could make happy any (wealthy) shopper.

Anyway, you should not forget the history of the city, that dates back to the roman empire, with monuments from nearly any period of the last 2000 years.

After a “dark” period that lasted the few last decades now the city is taking up again, with many projects to rehabilitate and modernize it, thanks also to the fact that it has been chosen for the International Expo of 2015.

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Milan at this moment?
The most popular neighborhood in Milan is probably now the Navigli area, right in the south of the city center. The most important feature of the area are the channels (called “navigli”) that were designed by Leonardo da Vinci. They used to be part of a much bigger and complex system of channels that nowadays doesn’t exist anymore. Along and around the channels there are tens of locals, pubs, restaurants and this is one of the area of the city with the most vibrant nightlife.

A more quiet area that I like is Città Studi and Porta Venezia area. It doesn’t offer a lot to tourists, but there are a few very nice spots that definitely worth a visit!

Which time of the year you like most in you city and why?
The best period to visit Milan is definitely late spring, when the weather is usually nice and warm, but not yet as hot as it can be from the end of June up to August. You should definitely try to avoid august: the weather is often not nice and the city is almost desert, everyone is on holiday and everything is closed!

Which Spots in Milan would you definitely visit?
You can start with the roman columns in San Lorenzo, than visit churches that dates back from the beginning of the middle age, like Sant’Ambrogio and a few others, buildings from the end of the middle age, like the Loggia dei mercanti near Duomo or the Castle.

You should definitely not miss a real masterpiece from the Renaissance like the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie with the Last supper by Leonardo da Vinci or of the neoclassical period like the theatre Alla Scala. From the XIX century there is the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele with its roof made of steel and glass.

To finish there are important buildings from the XX century like Torre Velasca or the Pirellone.

Palazzo Reale Milan (by Andrea Visconti)

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