Glühwein & Gløgg – The Winter Drink in Europe

This winter, Europe’s locals will drink a lot of mulled wine – a wine with spices, usually served warm.

Mulled wine (a.k.a. Glühwein, Gløgg, Vin fiert, kuhano vino, negu or grzane wino in our cities) is the drink to warm you up and make you brave enough to go outside for some more sightseeing in the cold… It helped us a lot when we were in Oslo to meet our Spotters last month!

Where can you get a good glass in our cities?

In Helsinki, check out the tents on the Old harbour market square, pictured above. Helsinki Spotter Terhi: “Nothing warms you up like a cup of mulled wine when it is -20 Celsius degrees and windy outside.”

Two other places in Helsinki with great glögi:

  • Lightship Relandersgrund, a beautiful boat  from the 19th century with a bistro,
  • Bar Lllama, a Mexican bar that serves tequila, and…. glögi!
  • Kitch Eat & Drink, an ecological bar with good mulled wine

In Stockholm‘s Kungsträdgården, you can combine ice skating with wine drinking – not at the same time we advise…

Germany’s famous Glühwein can be sampled in all our German cities:  Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. On Berlin’s famous Alexanderplaz, there are many stalls with Glühwein according to our Berlin Spotter Ciaran.

In Munich, they even sell Glühwein-candy, in one of Emily’s favorite shops – Bear + Friends.

An a bit more towards the Center & East of Europe:

  • Aida Club, a good bar/club in Prague
  • In Warsaw, try Late night wine institution Sklad win braci Gessler or Sens Nonsensu, a great historical bar.
  • In Krakow, you can enjoy your mulled wine during a jam session at Ptasiek.
  • Bucharest Spotter Matilda advises a glass of negus at karaoke place Arcade

And even in the South of Europe you can drink Glühwein! Check out Lisbon Spotter Andreia’s article about the Heidi Bar – a bar “best describe as Chalet-ho!… a cozy Alpine cottage”!

Not in one of our cities? Learn to cook it yourself with this Youtube instruction video.

What do you think of mulled wine? To be very honest, I don’t really like it… Or maybe I haven’t tasted the perfect version yet…

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