My favorite city life / urbanism blogs

I start most of my days checking my RSS reader. On of the subjects we keep a very close watch on, are the latest developments in all things related to cities & urbanism in Europe. I thought I’d share my favourite urbanism & city life blogs, a list I’ve been updating daily for the past 4 years!

1) The Pop-Up City
The Pop-Up City is a blog that explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future. They focus very much on things happening in cities. This blog is a side project of a creative agency –  it’s amazing how they manage to find the time to find out and research all the new cool things they write about almost every day. By far my favorite blog!

URBALIZE is a Tumblr blogging dealing with things which are dealing with cities and urbanization. Fresh ideas and links on about a weekly basis

3) The Flaneurbanite
Shilpa Bhatnagar is one of our former guest Spotters. She’s been blogging for a long time, but recently launched her beautiful The Flaneurbanite, a blog with great personal views of a professional urbanist.

4) City Breaths
The City Breaths blog by fellow Amsterdam local and urban geographer Mark Minjan has excellent in depth articles about living in cities. Sometimes they’re a bit too scientific for me, but usually not. His article How Coffee revitalizes the city is one of the best articles I’ve read in the last few months!

5) Vandalog
Vandalog is a street art blog curated by 3 street art enthusiasts. They pick out quality stuff only – I think it’s great they don’t overload my RSS reader like some of the street art blogs do.

 6) BMW Guggenheim LAB
BMW’s PR people have chosen to invest in urbanism. A wise choice!  Their cool Guggenheim Lab is a mobile laboratory traveling to nine major cities worldwide over six years. And the accompanying blog is very interesting!

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