Interview with Natalia Urbanska (Stockholm Spotter)

Natalia Urbanska Stockholm

Today we have an interview with Natalia Urbanska, Spotter for our Stockholm cityblog.

You can read Natalia’s articles here.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are, and what you do?
My name is Natalia and I’m a sponge when it comes to new music, cookies and beer… These last couple of months I’ve really been into post-rock/instrumental music.. Like Explosions in the sky, God is an astronaut, 65daysofstatic, This will destroy you… There are so many bands it’s ridiculous! You definitely should check this genre of music out!

Other than that I just started my course in Project Management. Lots of fun but very very intense. For example I have to get up at 06:30 am every morning and take a ridiculously expensive train for at least one hour, then one hour back… But I like train rides so no worries ;) I’m really excited about these upcoming two years :D

Which time of the year you like most in Stockholm?
Autumn for sure! Trees everywhere, beautiful colours, everything reflecting in the water. Stockholm is especially beautiful during this time of year. I think that’s one of my favourite things in this city, all the trees, parks and water surrounding. There’s always a bench to sit on and a stroll to take. I already mentioned the colours, but maaan the colours are beautiful during autumn!

What food should we eat in Stockholm?
You can skip those meatballs for sure. You should definitely not miss out on Lao Wai, the vegetarian restaurant. They have, by far, the most delicious food in town. Okay I haven’t been out dining everywhere BUT Lao Wai is very popular and is sometimes even called Stockholm’s best vegetarian restaurant! You won’t be disappointed.

Which prejudice about Stockholm are true? Which not?
Swedes are very polite but like to keep their distance in the beginning. Depends on what Swedes you meet of course. They answer your questions delightfully with a smile and are always willing to help. Some Swedes keep their distance because they don’t want to stand in your way, like, be all in your face.

You should just give them a hug and a smile, ask them to join you for a beer.  Swedes are (in my opinion) very good looking and if you fancy making out with someone I say, shoot!

Which Spots would you definitely visit if you only had two days in Stockholm?
Well then I’d say you’d have to go to either Moderna Museet or Magasin 3 for some contemporary art. Prefarably taking a walk there. After a couple of hours there you should grab a coffe in Södermalm, which in my opinion is Stockholms most laidback and nicest part. You can’t miss out on going to String, so go there if you haven’t already. It’s cheap and has an inspiring and cosy atmosphere.

Then you should take a walk in Södermalm, it has lots to offer. For delicious, vegetarian and ecological dinner you take the subway to Lao Wai. After that you have to go to Dansens Hus for some performance art, be sure to book a ticket in advance, the performances are usually very popular! After an inspiring dance performance you have to go shake your body, of course. I’d check out Club Soul or Debaser Medis. End this lovely day with a morning walk at Södermalm, with view over the city, my favourite spot is Monteliusvägen!

This day could totally be two days.. I don’t think you should run around all stressed out, better to take calm strolls. Best way to visit a city is by walking! If you have time over there’s always something going on at Kulturhuset, there are always cheap or free exhibitions! HAVE FUN!

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