New! Frankfurt by locals cityguide


Long Island Summer Lounge Frankfurt (by Carolina Leersch)
Image by Carolina Leersch

Today, we launched our Frankfurt by locals cityguide! Frankfurt is known as a business city, but there is a whole lot more to be seen, as our Frankfurt loving locals Carolina, Clara, Christian and Sylwia will show you!

The coming weeks many more tips will be added, but the current articles give you a good idea what locals do in Frankfurt this summer.

A few examples…

Above: Long Island Summer Lounge – a hip roof terrace bar, tipped by Spotter Carolina Leersch

Maincafe Frankfurt (by Christian Paulus)
Image by Christian Paulus

MainCafe (pictured above), The place for a picnic in the summer in Frankfurt – Spotted by Christian Paulus

Dönerboot Frankfurt (by Clara Hebel)
Image by Clara Hebel

Dönerboot, a great place for an afternoon or night Turkish snack on a boat! It’s one of our Frankfurt Spotter Clara Hebel’s favorite spots.

Jenny's Cupcakes Frankfurt (by Sylwia Czaplis)
Image by Sylwia Czaplis

And, cupcakes from Jenny’s Cupcakes – spotted by Sylwia Czaplis


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