Newest Spotters

In December and January we welcomed so many new Spotters to our community! In alphabetical order….

Ana Maria Duțu – Bucharest

We’re super happy Ana Maria Duțu returned as a Bucharest Spotter! Maybe you can even spot her while she is eating a soup or a salad in her all seasons round favorite spot “Soup up”.

Andrew Garofalo – Washington DC

Andrew Garofalo is a bit younger than his fellow DC Spotters, what makes him a perfect addition to the team. DC has many vinyl stores, but only one can be your favorite… Andrew’s favorite one is Som Records. It’s cosy and they update their collection every week.

Britt Marien – Antwerp

After being away for a year also Britt Marien happily returned as a Spotter. As a foodie she writes a lot about the best places to buy good ingredients and places to eat the best sweets and cookies. One of her absolute favorite places to eat is Mampoko. 

Camila Vossen-Alvarez – Barcelona

Raised in Amsterdam with a German mother and Argentinean father, Camila Vossen-Alvarez feels at home in Barcelona. She wrote about many places in the Barceloneta area she lives in and loves. One of her favorite places to go to is this “work-out” place on the beach. Either to be “one of the guys” or to be a passive viewer. Both the view and instruments are great.

Djordje Vidojevic – Belgrade

Djordje Vidojevic thinks Belgrade is a mess. A beautiful mess. A beautiful mess to explore. Among his spotted places you’ll notice the most hidden and unknown spots, buildings and art. Look at this girl with the umbrella. It’s huge, but even people that have been living their whole life close to it have never noticed it.

Javier Garcia – Madrid

Javier Garcia is a local artist. He spotted many cool street art and underground places and is even one of the few guides that gives street art tours around the city. La Neomudejar is his favourite underground museum in Madrid. Period.

Mariya Boyko – Toronto

Mariya Boyko draws attention to student-friendly places in Toronto, ideas for cheap date nights, and how to have fun on a strict budget. One of this places is Ocho. It is a really quirky and urbanistic place that is a restaurant, an art lounge and a hotel all in one.

Mihály Lippai – Budapest

Mihály Lippai is a travelling sommelier that always loves to some back home in Budapest after his travels. He loves unusual places. One of his favorites is a bike repair shop where you can have delicious crepes as well. So hidden – if you are in front of the place you’ll have difficulties to find it. Of course we love spots like that!

Olga Samoilova – St. Petersburg

Olga Samoilova says that she can’t say theat she knows “every stone” in St. Petersburg, but we think she does. Born, educated, graduated, made a career, married and became mother… all in St. Petersburg!

A sandy beach with pines in Saint Petersburg?! Yes! Olga has spotted it.

Piotr Czubaszek- Warsaw

We are very happy Piotr Czubaszek and Stefano (see below) joined our team with girls in Warsaw. We were in need for some guys :)

If you are up for a movie while you are in Warsaw you should check out Piotr number one cinema in Warsaw: Kinoteka. It’s not only located in the most iconic building of the city, the atmosphere is very pleasant as well and the tickets are cheaper than usual.

Rudy Di Giacomo – Rome

Born in Rome and still in love and curious about the city, Rudy Di Giacomo knows so many funny and interesting details about Rome.

One of Rudy’s favorite spots is the wine bar Casa Mangiacotti. The bar is run by the three Mangiacotti brothers: the oldest one started this business eight years ago. At that time, Pigneto was more unknown and a bit of a rough area. Now, however, Pigneto is a lively neighborhood in which Rudy is lucky enough to live.

Sentia van der Mark – Amsterdam

Born and raised in Amsterdam Sentia van der Mark, knows every single cinema in Amsterdam and there are many… We are very happy she shared a few of her most favorite ones with us.

One of the coolest and trendiest cinemas in Amsterdam at the moment is definitely FC Hyena. You can take the boat to get there. Aside from an art house-oriented film programme, FC Hyena serves phenomenal food..

Stefano Nardone – Warsaw

Stefano Nardone is an Italian who fell in love with Warsaw and made the city and the language his own in the last 8 years. One of his definitely favorite spots is Polonez. He can’t remember how many afternoons he spent there with fiends drinking coffee, then drinking wine, then drinking gin and tonics… Sounds like the perfect place to go to on a lazy rainy day in Warsaw….

Want to join our amazing community? Please apply! Also when we don’t have your city covered yet please do – your applications might be a reason to expand to a new city soon!

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