Our 40th blog: Vilnius by locals!

Literatų street Vilnius (by Gabija Venclovaite)
Image by Gabija Venclovaite

We’re proud to announce Spotted by Locals Vilnius! Not just because it’s our 40th blog, but because it’s a beautiful one! Gabija, Gintare (and soon to be added: Vaidas) have written about some real local jewels in the capital of Lithuania that you won’t find in your regular tourist guide…

Subacius viewpoint Vilnius (by Gintare Jonaityte)
Image by Gintare Jonaityte

Check out for example the Subacius viewpoint  – Gintare’s favourite place to check out the beautiful city of Vilnius from above, Skalvija – a very cosy cinema with only 88 seats and Play – a tiny basement club with free foosball all day!

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