Our real life social network of 180 Spotters!

At this moment, 180 Spotters in 33 cities are working for Spotted by Locals. It is a very fun and active community. In quite a few of the cities, Spotters meet frequently.

Above picture, for example, was taken during a Spotters meeting in Helsinki.

As we meet all our Spotters in person, we visit “our” cities frequently.  We try to join as many Spotters meetings as we can, and organize a meeting when we go to a city.

Above: Spotters meeting in Berlin, November 2010

Above: Spotters meeting in Oslo November 2010

Above: our Athens Spotter Marilena meeting Amsterdam Spotter Maarten-Jan and Sanne.

On our Facebook page, you can find many pictures of the meetings we attended.

Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at the same time…

This is one of the reasons why we launched an internet-website,  the “Spotters Network” in 2008. It is a social network, only accesible for Spotters, where every of our Spotters has a profile page and picture. Tips, pictures etc. can be shared, and Spotters can contact each other. It’s also where we share visitor statistics, and other useful information.

Many Spotters have used this social network to arrange real life meetups, or just to get to know each other. Also, this social network has helped quite a few of our freelance writing and photographer Spotters (many of our Spotters are) in finding new jobs, or gathering information.

The website was built by KREM Corporate Social Networking and Hans Gelok.

Want to join this exclusive community of Spotters? We are currently looking for passionate locals in Belgrade, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Florence, Manchester, Moscow, Sofia, St. Petersburg and Venice. If you’re interested, please contact us.

We’re looking forward to our trips around Europe in 2011 – meeting our Spotters is definitely the most fun part of our job!

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