What to write after the attacks? By our Paris Spotter


Our Paris Spotter Julia Fortuin originally intended to publish below article on the Paris blog, but we thought it would be better suited for our main blog.

Blogs and tourist sites about Paris – probably the most visited city in the world – have been silent after November 13th. It’s been over a week now, and things are slowly getting more normal again. The attacks came on a weekend on which I had planned to do some spotting, but that I rather spent being in touch with people in and outside of Paris and watching the news.

How to write about something as light as leisure now? We all agree that the Paris life as we know it – culture, gastronomy, leisure – should go on. The #jesuisenterrasse hashtag is popular and I fully support it, yet I still feel unable to tell travellers which spots to visit for the obvious reason: how to recommend anyone to come visit a city that is splendid but in state of emergency?

Three months of emergency state have been announced; will it take three months for tourists to come back? At some time they will, I am completely sure. 


Walking through Paris just a few days ago the thought came to me that it would be completely silly to to leave this city: there are just too many gems, all about to be discovered. I could live here for years and still be surprised. And I already have ideas in mind about what to write about. I guess only some time is needed to feel ready for that.

Julia Fortuin

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