Places You Won’t Find in Regular Tourist Guides

Image by WittyPixel

Image by WittyPixel

“Think outside the box”, “travel beyond the well-trodden path”, “explore like a local”… these are familiar phrases for most seasoned travelers out there. We’re all aiming for the authentic, that local experience, because we each want a unique travel experience. If you’re familiar with our concept then you know that’s something we offer. But, even some of our spots go a step further than that. Have a look at some of the reviews from our Spotters that take the unique aspect, of exploring like a local, to the next level.

The Can Can – Seattle

Pictured above is a burlesque show at the Seattle Can Can on 94 Pike Street. It’s something that you probably won’t find in regular tourist guides as some might consider this too risqué and certainly not appropriate for the average audience of said guidebook. Well, at Spotted by Locals we don’t think that! Local Chris Eager has even taken his parents to a show at The Can Can and they loved it! The performers here, known as “The Can Can Castaways” are all professionally trained and accomplished dancers who never fail to give an electric and tight performance.

Image by Rebecca Perkins

Image by Rebecca Perkins

Crack on Fontanka – Saint Petersburg

Architecture is often on the list when you’re exploring a new and unfamiliar city. But our locals take it a step further and point out really, really unique places. Like Rebecca’s recommendation of a crack between buildings. Something you’d definitely not see often in other tourist guides. She just loves how there are blips in the city’s architecture, either due to war-damage or a difference in architectural style. However, the crack between Fontanka nr 24 and nr 26 is… just there.

“[…]one of the city’s unique “Imperfections”.

Image by 18 brumaire (Flickr)

Image by 18 brumaire (Flickr)

200 Camac Street – Philadelphia

From awkward city planning, to poorly thought out city planning.This is Philadelphia’s only wooden-paved street. To be fair, the idea behind 200 Camac Street was a nice one, its aim was to reduce the noise pollution by the clatter of horse hooves and carts, but although that part worked, it had some drawbacks. The wood ultimately soaked up rainwater, refuse and urine, leaving it a smelly and rotten street unable to bear heavy loads. The project was abandoned until its restoration in the 90s with a special coating to protect the wood from bad weather and today’s traffic.

“So, less smelly, still interesting looking, and an interesting reminder of Philly’s city planning past.”

Animal Shelter KMD – Ghent

How often would you find an animal shelter recommended as a great spot to visit in a city? Animal Shelter KMD is Julie’s remedy for when she misses the companionship of a four legged friend. If you just moved to the city, but Fido couldn’t move along with you, get a membership here and take a cuddly one, a big one, a small one, or a unique one, out for a walk in your free time!

Image by Fiona Ham

Image by Fiona Ham

Le Milieu – Montreal

Is it a chicken? Is it a duck? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that at Le Milieu you can let your inner child come out and play with chalk! It’s an arts café where Fiona did notice, mostly adults sit outside and draw to their heart’s content. Use the art material available based on a pay-what-you-can contribution, if you’re no Picasso then perhaps you can join one of their workshops for knitting, sewing and on how to make Kombucha.

“We spent almost one hour drawing some cute animals on the ground while kids were passing by.”

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