Richest cities in the world

Wealthiest Cities 2019 (by Visual Capitalist)

It’s no news that wealth is not evenly divided throughout the world. According to Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report, a microscopic .003% of the population have than US$30 million in net assets.

Now, in which cities do these people live?

1. New York (7.580)

2. London (6.015)

3. Tokyo (5.440)

4. San Fransisco (4.590)

5. Beijing (4.520)

6. Shanghai (3.205)

7. Los Angeles (2.285)

8. Hong Kong (2.105)

9. Sydney (1.880)

10. Singapore (1.740)

Data from Stratfor Worldview

Cities that didn’t make that top 10, but that is present in the ‘top 10 of global cities that are most important to these super rich folks’, are Chicago, LondonParis, Washington DC, Toronto and Zurich. These findings are based on four categories; Political power, economic activity, quality of life, and knowledge and influence.

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