RiHub – Rijeka’s oasis of creativity and co-working

In the array of things that you can do once you’ve arrived in Rijeka, don’t forget to visit RiHub, the first open co-working space in the city, which also serves as an Information Centre for the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project. The space is located in the immediate centre of the city (Ivana Grohovca 1a).

RiHub from the outside

Despite having celebrated its first birthday only recently, this new cultural centre found its home in a much older building. A 103 years old building, to be more precise. This beautiful building, which is today the home of RiHub, was used as a kindergarten until the mid-20th century, only to be converted to business use. After years of non-use, the space was renovated as part of the ECoC project, and was – in the truest sense of the word – given a new lease of life! It has now become a year-round hub of extensive programmes including handicraft fairs, eco-workshops, panel discussions and conferences.

artBazaar is Rijeka’s handicrafts market

Seed Bomb workshop

Still, its most important function is to provide the citizens of Rijeka and their guests with the option of free co-working, which has thus far resulted in more than 200 freelancers finding their (temporary) safe haven of a workplace at RiHub. Remember that fact if you find yourself in Rijeka with a laptop under your arm, looking for a temporary office to work in occasionally!

4_RiHub’s coworking area

As the central meeting place with the citizens, RiHub is also your one-stop shop for finding out anything and everything you wanted to know about the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project. While you’re there, you can also leaf through the brochures of the various programmes or have a chat with the RiHub team over a cup of tea.

RiHub is a place where you can find out everything about Rijeka 2020 ECoC project

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the people behind the RiHub refurbishment project, Ana Boljar and Ida Križaj Leko, have already received several awards for this endeavour, which should be reason enough for you to pay a visit to this unusual multifunctional space. Therefore, regardless of whether you are an interested co-worker or a visitor who wants to learn more about Rijeka’s ECoC project – you can be sure you will be warmly welcomed at RiHub!

Welcome to RiHub!

Photos: Tanja Kanazir and Borko Vukosav

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