Spotter in the spotlight: Amir Shahzeidi from Tbilisi

Our Spotter Amir

Amir Shahzeidi is a composer/pianist and is currently studying composition at the Tbilisi state university. Besides studying, he is a huge fan of books and occasionally engages in some existential philosophy. He is always in search of answers to life’s questions.

This searching is what he does in his daily life as well. He is always looking for new restaurants to eat or new places and locations to hang out, which makes him the perfect Spotter. It was really nice to meet him last year!

Here are some of the spots Amir fell in love with during his time in Tbilisi:

Tabla Saloon

Tabla Saloon (by Tabla Saloon)

”Tabla restaurant consists of two floors: on the first floor you can find the clay oven where they make the traditional Georgian bread, and on the second floor you can enjoy live music in the evenings. Tabla restaurant made me fall in love with Georgian cuisine. Most of their dishes consist of traditional Georgian dishes, but they prepare them exceptionally well. My personal favorite dish is the roast trout with almond sauce.”

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Amirani Movie Theater

Amirani Movie Theatre (by Amir Shahzeidi)

”An interesting fact about movies in Georgia is that most movies open one or two days earlier in Tbilisi than they premier in the US, which always gives you a great opportunity to go on Twitter and spoil the movie to the whole world wide web. Amirani Theatre doesn’t offer reclining seats or IMAX screening. However, Amirani is my default theater due to their cheap tickets and their location.”

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Prospero’s Books

Prospero’s Books (by Prospero’s Books)

”A warm latte, somewhere cozy and quiet, where I can write my music and contemplate. Prospero’s Books is one of my favorite spots in Tbilisi. It’s not only because they have great lattes, but because regular customers consist of mostly freelancers, artists, musicians and book lovers. Because of that, you’re sure not to be disturbed while working and contemplating your next big project. It’s also perfect for a quick lunch, or for your meetings.”

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