Spotter in the Spotlight: Andrew Garofalo from Washington D.C

Our Spotter Andrew Garofalo

Andrew Garofolo grew up in the East Coast. He loves traveling around the world and his passion is learning new languages, preferable on the road!

Andrew likes it that Washington DC a youthful place. Most people who are in their mid-thirties move to other places outside of the district. The ones that come to the city are people who are trying to make a name for themselves. They are in the beginning chapter of their lives, and they use Washington as a place to project their dreams.  Besides that, the city is filled with beautiful architecture and great stuff to do.

Here are some of his favorite spots:

The National Zoo

National Zoo (by Smithsonian’s National Zoo)

”This is often an overlooked part of DC. I tell people that DC has a fantastic zoo and that it’s free. They’re always surprised. The National Zoo feels more like a park than a zoo. The animal exhibits are great. And you can tell the Smithsonian people that work here really want you to have a great experience. In fact, a lot of Washingtonians come here for the park feel to avoid the crowds and tourists on the National Mall. It’s in the Woodley Park section and feels very natural – like part of the neighborhood.”

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Idle Time Books

Idle Time Books (by Andrew Garofalo)

”The last time I was in Idle Time Books I was able to find a rare first edition for under $15. They have a mix of new books and used. Everything is very reasonably priced. They have a couple reading nooks with comfy chairs for you to relax and check out some new titles. It’s one of those places that has something new every time you go in there.”

Full article: Idle Time Books

Tastee Diner

Tastee Diner (by Andrew Garofalo)

”There is nothing more American than the diner. The old fashioned ones with booths and bar seating. Where the cook will make you something not found on the menu. Tastee Diner has been around since 1935. It has the classic diner car and an addition built in the 70s. It’s open here 24/7.”

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