Spotter in the spotlight: Anton from Kiev


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Anton Degtiarov from Kiev!

Anton is a digital marketing specialist with an enormous passion for music and traveling. Music has become such a huge part of his life that he decided to start collecting music records on vinyl and his passion for traveling has motivated him to write about Kiev and discover places that many tourists would not find in their tourist guides, but that many locals enjoy.

Anton has been a spotter at Spotted by Locals for about two years now and he’s a great addition to the Kiev team. Anton loves the city of Kiev because of its vibrant cultural background and its rich history. Not only does the city preserve its rich history but it has innovated so much throughout the years that it has become very diverse when it comes to enjoying different spots in the city.

A small selection of Anton’s favorite spots:


Image by Furgoneta

This cool new hip spot in Kiev is filled with locals trying out the new trend in the city “street food”. That’s right, Kiev now has some of the best street food in the Ukraine. Furgoneta offers customers some of the most delicious street noodles and burgers. Not only do they prepare the food quickly but they also entertain their customers with a small show while doing it! This is the perfect location to enjoy tasty street food and also have a great time in a very fast paced city.

A local tip from Anton: try the egg noodles with chicken, and veal cheeks with a burger and BBQ sauce. If you want something light it’s best to order the soup of the day.

Solomyanska Brovarnya

Image by Sergey Brusnetsov

In Kiev many pubs and bars offer a variety of foreign beers but if you really want to try the best local beer then this spot is surely the place to visit. It is an amazing place to relax and get away from city life since it is located at a distance from the city center. The local beers are absolutely wonderful and if you add some delicious snacks you will certainly enjoy them more!

A personal tip from Anton: start with the tasting set – 6 small beers of all varieties. Then decide on a favorite type for the evening and order a bigger glass.

G13 Project Studio

Image by G13 Studio

This awesome spot is not near the city center, however, it is surely worth a visit. This old factory is now one of the most unique and cool spots in Kiev. Why? Well, because it offers all the best local music and events under one roof! It has a filming area along with an open art terrace. It is an awesome contemporary space where the local creative individuals love to express and exhibit their new artistic pieces and designs.


Image by Syndicate

Image by Syndicate

Fashion is a big part of everyday life and culture but many international brands seem to be very popular in different countries, without representing the countries itself. With that being said, this Syndicate decided to create something special for the city; its own official clothing line! Now you can purchase authentic Ukrainian clothing that locals actually wear! This is the go-to spot if you would like to buy authentic Ukrainian souvenirs that truly represent the culture!

Chashka Espresso Bar

Image by Igor Sukhomlyn

Image by Igor Sukhomlyn

Kiev with a little touch of New York! Now all of your coffee runs in Kiev just got a lot more easier! This lovely espresso bar offers the best coffee in the city! It is the perfect place to either have breakfast or simply grab a latte and go! Its New York inspired interior with chashkas” (or “cups” in English) that are hung on the wall from cafes and bars from around the world makes you feel  like you are truly in a different atmosphere!

For more tips by Anton and his fellow Spotters check the Kiev blog!

Are you a Kiev local?

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